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Tome Of The Unreplenished - Innerstanding

Tome Of The Unreplenished
by Claire Taylor at 21 May 2015, 11:00 PM

Greek solo project TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED really is an interesting listening experience. In this latest release entitled "Innerstanding", Hermes has managed to create such ambiance and power in one album, something which is pretty impressive from just one member. Being extremely expansive and artful, this release includes some steadily executed guitar melodies, driving it to be much more of a stirring experience and creates quite the impact. Incorporating unusual and almost cosmic styles and sounds with crashing percussion has clearly fashioned something truly dynamic. Fourth track, "Transcending Body" involved some little surprises here and there. For example, the unexpected introduction of Black Metal style percussion throughout, which after a while, was weirdly hypnotizing. Hermes" choice of vocals in these tracks was bizarre yet somehow worked.

The harsh vocals alongside disconcerting melodies and riffs was unsettling yet intriguing. "Planetary Transmissions" can definitely be described in three words: cosmic, ambient and atmospheric. This instrumental track threw me off completely as the next track “A Monument In Time” jumped straight back into the heavy drumming which by this point, began to get a little repetitive. It seems like there needs to be more diversity with regards to the percussion work as it came across a little dominating. Despite this, I was still amazed by the overall style of this album. It was impossible to pinpoint the genre as it incorporated Progressive styles with Black Metal and other indescribable sounds.

This release truly creates atmosphere, suspense and a punch of heaviness and creates imagery towards an almost cosmic theme. The overwhelming power of tension and far-reaching transcendence has been achieved to the highest of standards. This album is like nothing I have heard before in the sense that I found it difficult to enjoy or dismiss it as it was oddly addictive and in many aspects, the depth of this album made me understand the choice of album name!

3 Star Rating

1. Anima Mundi
2. Take Me To The Stars
3. Emanation Of The Purest Essence
4. Transcended Body
5. Planetary Transmissions
6. A Monument In Time
7. The Precessional March
Hermes - All Instruments/Vocals
Record Label: I, Voidhanger Records


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