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Tommy Lee Flood - Flood

Tommy Lee Flood
by Rachel Montgomery at 27 November 2020, 4:29 AM

TOMMY LEE FLOOD is almost synonymous with the late 80s, early 90s glam metal band, BANSHEE. Not to be mistaken for MOTLEY CRUE’S drummer with a similar name, Flood was the bleach-blond vocalist and bassist for the Midwest act. From 1986 on, Flood fronted the band with his smoldering grin and WARRANT-style vocals until the advent of grunge took the band down. They disbanded in the mid-1990s. Tommy Lee Flood fronted PRIMAL ORDER for a spell before releasing his solo album Flood, in 2000. Twenty years later, its back and remastered, ready for a second chance. In an interview with Sleaze Roxx, Flood blamed the lack of recognition on the times, clarifying: “The stigmatism of being an ’80s rocker in the face of grunge and alternative made it even more difficult to bend anyone’s ear to listen to these songs.”

That said, does the album have what it takes to make it big? For Tommy Lee Flood fans, it’s sure to please. Flood plays with his vocals on this album, bringing in the alternative, edgier sound from when he was in Primal Order. In his cover of “I Am The Walrus”, he makes his voice grittier than it usually is. As far as his work on THE BEATLES cover itself, he keeps the psychedelic spirit of the original (though why he felt the need to throw a yodel in there is a mystery). He also strays away form the strictly late 80s glam rock sound he was known for in Banshee, throwing in some experimental sounds. He also brings up his bass on tracks like “Bring It On Home”. His voice is smooth on this track, showing off his more charismatic vocal style. The guitar work is also good, with some nice wa-wa sweeps in the solo. His opening song “Mindless” has an 80s vocal melody, but the strumming guitars sound like something out of a 90s alternative song until the chorus. Again, while he has the general sound of an 80s glam metal band, he introduces the grit and edge from his mid-late 90s days. The album leaves you with a heavy, very alternative style track that’s an interesting blend of big, loud 80s music and dirty, edgy grunge.

Overall, the songs are easily digestible. Most of them have a formula of softer verses and harder, faster choruses taken from grunge bands like NIRVANA and pre-grunge acts like THE PIXIES. Nothing too fancy, just plain, late-80s style glam pieces with a 90s edge. If you want to reminisce about Tommy Lee Flood’s old work, or you’re looking for more old-school Banshee, this is the album you’re looking for. Does it do anything new? Not really, but that’s not its job. Tommy Lee Flood fans looking for new material should definitely check this out, as should people who are fans of Warrant or SKID ROW.

Songwriting: 8
Production: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Mindless
2. The Walrus
3. Get Some
4. Just Stay Away
5. Best Is Yet To Come
6. Take Time
7. Life Is Like War
8. Bring It On Home
9. Meant To Be
10. Shades of Gray
11. Animal
12. Thrill Seeker
13. Redefine
14. Be Or Be Not
Tommy Lee Flood – Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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