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Tomorrow’s Fate – Appreciate The Time

Tomorrow’s Fate
Appreciate The Time
by Fred “Cage” Bonanno at 03 October 2022, 9:03 PM

TOMORROW’S FATE is the first band I have reviewed from Austria…. Styria, Austria to be exact. Founded in 2016 under the name NO TOMORROW before ultimately changing to their current name and releasing the single “Son Come Home” in 2021 following right behind with “Don’t Forget to Rock” which led to the foundation of their debut full length album “Appreciate the Time” released in August 2022. The band deals with profound topics and preach fate, peace, and unity in their quiet, melodic, unbridged, wild, impetuous, alternative, and modern Hard Rock musical style (their words, not mine). So, from the country that gave us MOZART, castles, art, The Alps, and ARNOLD SCHWARZENGGER, let’s see if we can add Rock music to that list or will they be “Terminated” (y’all see what I did there)

Opening the album with a fuzzy guitar lick on “My Way” leads into a generic alternative sound but does have punchy riffs that transcend into a sharp, pleasing guitar solo that overtakes the song. Right from the start their sound and vocals have a very distinct and familiar feel, I’m hoping they shift away from that and develop their own musical style. With that said, the second track “Sweet Little Honey” has a pleasant opening riff and tempo with galloping melody and chorus with a nice, gritty, but brief guitar solo. “Be Human” is a slow, sedate beat with a passive tempo and uneventful vocal delivery. On to “Son Come Home”, a welcomed attempt at getting heavier with sped up tempo and riffs over a thumping drum beat, offset with a roller coaster vocal ride, and intermingled with church bells, this song is all over the road musically. “Integrity” is a catchy, mid-tempo tune with the hardest rocking sound and nice, guitar solo matched with clean, raw vocals. The album ends with a “cookie cutter” alternative sound on “I Won’t Leave You Alone”, although it does have an infectious riff, just no excitement or fleury to close out.

It may seem I was somewhat harsh on this review; I personally felt most songs had a similar sound and composition, nothing really set the songs apart, there were some interesting and pleasing songs, with some nice guitar solos mixed in, but nothing ever really jumped out at me or got me going. I kept saying to myself that they sound like??????, when it finally hit me, GREEN DAY. Die-hard alternative fans will most likely appreciate TOMORROW’S FATE way more than me. Ok, ARNOLD, you know what to do.

Songwriting:  7
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. My Way
2. Fly
3. Sweet Little Honey
4. Be Human
5. Don’t Forget to Rock
6. My World
7. Son Come Home
8. Way Back Home
9. Integrity
10. Humming Birds
11. Appreciate the Time
12. I Won’t Leave You Alone
Benjamin Kuenstner – bass/vocals
Manuel Rojak - guitars
Andre Reiter – guitar/vocals
Manuel Wallis – drums
Record Label: Rock of Angels Records


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