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Tomorrow's Rain - Hollow Award winner

Tomorrow's Rain
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 24 September 2020, 10:45 AM

TOMORROW’S RAIN is a Dark/Doom Metal band, born from the ashes of a band called MOONSKIN. They have been in and out of the Metal scene since 2002, and revived themselves as TOMORROW’S RAIN in 2011. Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, “Hollow” is their latest offering, and contains eight tracks.

“Trees” leads off the album. Children shouting in the background leads to dark clean guitar notes. The vocals are hushed, and there is a depressing element hanging in the atmosphere of the backdrop. Distorted guitars usher in harsh vocals, and the Doom elements come through strong here. “Fear” is next. Following a Doomy entrance, piano and clean vocals come in next. But, the tones here are no less dark. There are some hopeful tones as well, but they are dashed by the harsh vocal passage that follows.

“A Year I would like to Forget” opens with slow, heavy guitars and even-keeled vocals. Then come the harsh vocals, thick and remorseful. It’s a much more concise track, and has a very well-done guitar solo to boot. “Rain in the Corner of a Dead End Street” is a nine-minute opus. It opens with dark, clean guitars and more of those hushed vocals. Piano notes round out the song, before the distorted riff hits, and then retreats. It builds to a crescendo before finally coming to rest. “Misery Rain” opens with heavy and distorted guitars and harsh vocals, followed by a clean guitar passage that tempers the heaviness. Some spoken word comes into play, as well as what sounds like some Eastern guitar passage.

“In the Mouth of Madness” opens with some staccato guitar strikes and a slightly faster pace. It settles into a slower moving passage marked with clean vocals. A very dexterous guitar solo comes with some distorted guitars, and then it’s back to the clean passage. This yin and yang continue throughout the song, but it ends on a deadly note. “Hollow” is a shorter song, opening with little bell notes, and some strings accompany them. It stays on a thus beautiful but depressing tone for a while. Female clean vocals lead the charge.  Charming melodies develop here, along with some harsh tones as well.

“The Weeping Song” closes the album, at just under five-minutes in length. The dual vocals are probably the best part of the song, done in a “question and answer” method, and you can feel the emotional quality here…you hurt. Overall, it was the balance on the album that was key to its success…the tempering of the harsher passages with the softer, more charming ones. The harsh passages can be felt in your bones, but the softer ones seep into your soul. Both singers have their own might in separate ways, and the combination of the two competing elements is what makes the album as good as it is.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Trees
2. Fear
3. A Year I would Like to Forget
4. Rain in the Corner of a Dead End Street
5. Misery Rain
6. In the Mouth of Madness
7. Hollow
8. The Weeping Song
Yishai Swearts – Vocals
Raffy Mor – Guitars
Shiraz Weiss – Keyboards
Yaggel Cohen – Bass
Tomy Minas – Guitars
Nir Nakav – Drums
Record Label: AOP Records


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