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Tomrerclaus - Tomrerclaus

by Tom Colyer at 26 October 2014, 12:26 PM

I like to go into each review as blind as I can and then work through the back catalogue to get a feel for the progression and development of the band as time has gone on.  This is a pretty exciting way around, as it means I get a completely virginal experience of artists and hear them without prior prejudice or opinions.  Every so often I am so completely gob smacked by what I hear that words leave me and I find it difficult to form coherent sentences.  This is definitely one of those times.

This is a big presumption but when I see a Danish name and song titles with accents and the such, I get myself prepared for some more of that good old blackened Metal that I love so much.  TØMRERCLAUS pretty much just beat the assumption out of me with a beautifully crafted cello and some kind words that I will never understand.

Born in Denmark in 1945, Claus Clement Pederson is one of the true old school of hippies that has been making music since the 60's.  Say what you may about hippies but they make some fantastic music (amongst other, slightly more illicit things).  He is a master musician and plays a list of more instruments than most people I know can name.

This album is a re-release from 1978 along with 10 tracks from “Cheated” and it sounds every bit as raw as the era that it embodies.  The influences of all the great 60's musicians can be heard in there with Pederson's own twist on the sound.  I can't pin it down to a genre as it spans so many.  At one point I found myself thinking that this is what Blues would sound like if it had been birthed in Denmark by the hand of an acid fueled guitarist.  Within a heartbeat of that thought, I was thrust deep into the bowels of  JIMI HENDRIX and SANTANA and found myself swimming through the lakes of dirty, sexy, porn grooves mixed with liberal dashings of Rock'n'Roll.  There is something bizarre and enchanting about listening to such iconic music with vocals that make absolutely no sense (at least, if you can't speak Danish).  For all I know, he could be singing about shoes over the whole album.  If he is then I want me a pair of his shoes.

I really cannot do justice to this in mere mortal words, if you are a fan of anything even remotely related to these artists then you need this in your life.

5 Star Rating

01. Sorte Mand
02. Når Spindelvævene Blomstrer
03. Forvalterdrengen
04. Prisen For At Ryge Cigar
05. Cellokarma
06. Kanibalerne Kommer
07. En Dag Da Jeg Lå I Luften
08. Mr Fantastic
09. Dauu
10. Sådan Er Den Altid
11. Koda Er Nedtur
12. Jeg Vil Gerne Standses
Claus Clement Pedersen – Everything
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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