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Tongues - Thelésis Ignis

Thelésis Ignis
by Brown Dwarf at 20 November 2014, 9:40 PM

TONGUES début EP “Thelésis Ignis” only consists of four tracks, but is a pretty weighty 34 minutes long. The Danish Black / Death Metal duo have focused very much on creating four soundscapes that would be the perfect accompaniment to the apocalypse. The feelings of impending doom start the instant the first sounds from “Void Meditation” start to ring out. Steady repetitive riffing, frantic drum beats, and cold harsh vocals soon take over, until the door is opened and all hell is let loose.

On “Void Meditation” TONGUES have used the traditional all on or all off Black Metal approach to song writing, minutes of mayhem, and moments of serenity. “The Will of Fire” launches straight back into the musical onslaught, accompanied by fantastic riff deviations and some really well done, almost alternative sounding moments to break up the shear devastation of the track. TONUGES also start to incoroperate samples of recorded commentary on “The Will of Fire” to build in additional ambiance. “Last Grip of the Hand of Guilt” has more twists and turns than the devils staircase, it climbs slowly and methodically before falling down into a demonic descent of despair. This track covers everything from blast beats to alternative style breakdowns, dark vocals and even samples a multitude of distant screams.

Bloodline of the Blind” is the final track on “Thelésis Ignis” and follows a completely different path to the rest of the album; it’s a sermon to the dark, almost a curse to mankind. There no drums, no guitar, just chamber style chanting vocals and a build of ambiance. I am Death, I am Plague, I am Famine, I shall bring Doom upon this world, and that is where we stop. “TONGUES” are an interesting concept. As I said at the start, with “Thelésis Ignis” being 34 minutes long and only having 4 tracks, I thought there would be lots to listen to, with lots of variation in direction, but honestly there’s not.

The first three songs “Void Meditation” “The Will of Fire” and “Last Grip of the Hand of Guilt” really aren’t anything different and their length is more of statement than anything to do with direction. But “Bloodline of the Blind” is different, strong and really seals the deal for “TONGUES”. “Thelésis Ignis” is a difficult listen due to its length and inaccessibility, but then isn’t that the point???

3 Star Rating

1. Void Meditation
2. The Will of Fire
3. Last Grip of the Hand of Guilt
4. Bloodline of the Blind
Thorbjørn - Guitar, Vocals, Bass and Organ
Qvortrup - Drums, Vocals
Record Label: I, Voidhanger Records


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