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Tony Iommi With Glenn Hughes - The 1996 DEP Sessions (CD)

Tony Iommi With Glenn Hughes
The 1996 DEP Sessions
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 06 January 2005, 3:18 AM

This is not the time for prologuing. To prologue what and whom? People, careers, legacies that have created and colored the entire history of Hard sound and have given us all bazillion of reasons to worship it and have made us proud to call ourselves metalheads? Lets get serious, I even consider myself extremely lucky to be in such position to write a few lines for Tonny Iommi and my eternally beloved vocalist Glen Hughes. I wouldn't be here without them; most of you reading this review right now wouldn't visit this page if it wasn't for them.
To be honest, at first I didn't expect much from this record. You know, I'm one of these guys who really like to enjoy the evergreen masterpieces these people have created and don't care much about whether or not they are capable of writing down a second Heaven And Hell, a sequel to Stormbringer and so on. It's kind of silly after so many years to still test these artists and their abilities. So, having put aside the possibility of a mere letting down, (Glenn and Tonny never fail) the pleasant listening journey was about to begin, with fellow travelers the holy, undead figures of Rock 'n' Roll.
Though Gone tricks the listener with its intense Sabbath-esque touch, the album is much more diversified than you would expect. Iommi's signature might still be paramount, but Glenn brings a more ethereal/soul and Rock 'n' Roll style to the tracks (besides he's much more Rock oriented than Iommi). For example, Don't You Tell Me, Fine and I'm Not The Same Man fairly approach the spirit of H.T.P. or even the Voodoo Hill project! This doesn't necessary mean that the hardcore Sabbath fans don't still have reasons to pee their pants with joy. Tracks like Gone and Time Is The Healer could easily be characterized as classics, with the sense that in other circumstances, they could hold a position in of the unholy quadruplet's albums.
This is a brilliant album. I bet half of my CD collection that there won't be a single person who won't like it. Though we're in the 21st century, Iommi is still undoubtedly the most trustworthy riff machine and Glenn…man this guy sings like an angel. Holy cow he's sixty years old and there's no match for him. Not a single one. What more can I say? Ah yes…buy it!
Album Highlights: The entire album!

5 Star Rating

From Another World
Don't You Tell Me
Don't Drag The River
Time Is The Healer
I'm Not The Same Man
It Falls Through Me
Tonny Iommi - Guitar
Glenn Hughes - Vocals & Bass
Don Airey / Geoff Nicholls / Mike Exeter - Keyboards
Record Label: Sanctuary Records


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