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Tor Marrock - A Gothic Romance (CD)

Tor Marrock
A Gothic Romance
by Yiannis Doukas at 29 October 2007, 6:31 PM

This band, from Wales, is somewhere between the first five albums of PARADISE LOST. This is their debut album and there is also a demo entitled The Death Of Summer that was released in 2006. As I put this CD in the machine I felt someone was joking me. The sound is so bad even for a demo recording. The drumming is horrible; I'm feeling there is always a PC behind them. If I placed my little cousin behind the drum kit he would play much better. The whole shity production destroys any good idea this trio may had, eventually making the hearing of A Gothic Romance really annoying.
The singer is using death vocals, clean ones and sometimes his lines are good, like the self-titled cut, Death Of Summer or The Limits Of Desire. The last one may remind some of early SISTERS OF MERCY tracks, but the nice, inspired moments are ruined by the drumming and the sound. This Man Has Felt The Whore's main riff is from the old TIAMAT Clouds era.
Any positive (if someone tries to find one) element goes away with the ultra-shit Poison Of Summer song, that is the worst of industrial or loops electro vomit. It's a difficult work if someone wants to listen the whole album but it's clear that somewhere, underneath there is something worth hearing it. If they decide to have a real sound and not this computer-pussy crap and remove some not-inspired ideas just to fill the time and focus more on the good ones, there is a chance the next step to be better.

2 Star Rating

Death Of Summer
De-Nude Our Poisoned Minds
Lower The Death
On The 5th Of October
Throw Yourself Into Our Empty Well
Gothic Romance
The Limits Of Desire
This Man Has Felt The Whore
Theres No Heaven In Your Eyes
Repulse, Recoil
Poison Of Summer
Heavens Death Lights Kindle
Tor Marrock - Vocals, Guitars
Cailleach Bheur - Bass
Forseen - Drums
Record Label: Casket Music


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