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Toranaga - Righteous Retribution

Righteous Retribution
by YngwieViking at 11 February 2014, 2:07 AM

The UK’s Thrashers aren’t the most iconic Nationality for this particular Metal breed, but talented newbies such as SAVAGE MESSIAH or EVILE or the highly recommended SHRAPNEL and the legendary veterans ONSLAUGHT are still highly credible and fierce as any band coming from San Francisco’s Bay Area. In 1988, TORANAGA were also once the most impressive British answer to TESTAMENT / EXODUS and Co, they were an high profile new band and they were signed by Chrysalis Records (Michael Schenker always refer to this label as Syphilis Records!!!) for their second album “God’s Gift” in 1990 and received a well-deserved critical acclaim but unfortunately the band disappeared after some support touring, discouraged by the lack of implication and support of the record company.

On the wake of the now, hyper growing Thrash Metal revival, and Twenty three years after their debut album “Bastard Ballads”, TORANAGA hailing from Yorkshire, England have returned from a long silence with a new album “Righteous Retribution” very similar in style and attitude to their compatriot ONSLAUGHT, with big gang backing vocals and a slight Punkish attitude (“Prove Me Wrong”).

The new line up is updated as a quintet by the addition of a new pair of guitar players named Shane Haigh and John Rodgers , but the real asset of the band is still vocalist Mark Duffy , who once again provides a ferocious and powerful snarling with enough hate and dedication to convince every skeptical Metalhead here and elsewhere .

The NWOBHM’s flavors are also still obvious in tracks such as “The Beginning Of The End” or ”Something Evil” but the quality tracks are clearly concentrated  here in the second part of the album and in the early running order with songs like the outstanding “Traitors Gate” and “Cynical Eyes”.

Another interesting album full of old school Thrash Metal, of course you won’t find here nothing groundbreaking or totally new but the recipe is perfect, so let’s enjoy it.

Thrash is Back !

3 Star Rating

1. Portam Ad Infernum
2. Traitors Gate
3. Cynical Eyes
4. The Ultimate Act Of Betrayal
5. I Must Destroy
6. Return Of The Gods
7. The Beginning Of The
8. Prove Me Wrong
9. Something Evil
10. Battle Cry
11. Rise From The Flames
12. I Play God
Mark Duffy - Lead Vocals
Andy Burton - Bass
Steve Todd - Drums
Shane Haigh - Guitar
John Rodgers - Guitar
Record Label: Chuffing Hell Records


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