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Torchia - Of Curses and Grief Award winner

Of Curses and Grief
by Kyle Scott at 08 January 2018, 11:31 AM

TORCHIA may seem like newcomers, having released their debut “Of Curses and Grief” just this month, but the band has been around since 2010! So, no they’re technically not that new. It doesn’t matter; from their opening track “Face of Hate” they barrel right out of the gate, tearing it clean off its hinges, then storm back to light the gate on fire. They shred with all the intensity and fervor you could only expect a Finnish Death Metal band to pull off. The band is relentless in their indominable sound throughout the album; they rarely allow for a chance to process all that intensity save for the few moments they decide to dial back the tempo so you can give your neck a break from all the furious head banging you’ve been doing, and we’re only two tracks in.

Speaking of furious, “Fury” sounds just as angry and hate-fueled as you’d expect. Edward Torchia’s voice strains as he screams over the absolutely dizzying guitar riffs. “My Land Shall Burn” sounds like it’s channeling BOLT THROWER and Edward growls like he’s trying to dislodge a demon in his throat. The song is perfect if you’ve ever felt the need to pillage a town with your Viking pals and you need some proper tunes to get the blood pumping.

TORCHIA, like any proper Death Metal band worth their salt, sing about (what else?) death, and the ever-crushing pain and grief we associate with it. They also cover the nature of human evil, the strife of war and contemplating suicide because you can’t outwit your enemy, finding God (or at least begging for divine forgiveness), to wanting more than what is expected in life, and wondering what that could be. “Of Curses and Grief” goes over a lot of the struggles of human nature in their songs, and pummels you with its all-consuming rage. From the straining vocals to rabbit patter drums, to the insane guitar chords. Don’t be surprised if you start finding fist-sized holes in your wall you don’t remember being there after listening.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. N. Nc Sco Ten. Br Lvx
2. Face of Hate
3. Shame
4. Fury
5. My Land Shall Burn
6. Headshot
7. Ending Beginning
8. Light My Path
9. Wish For More
10. Dark and Cold
Edward Torchia - Vocals
Ville Riitamaa - Guitars and Backing Vocals
Henri Heikkinen - Guitars
Pirkka Birkstedt - Bass
Ville Virtanen - Drums
Record Label: Concorde Music Company


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