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Torment - The Damage is Done

The Damage is Done
by Dorothy Cheng at 25 February 2013, 12:23 PM

TORMENT is a relatively new Thrash Metal effort off Italy. They recently released "The Damage is Done", an all-in-all old school Thrash tribute that had more than a few good songs up its sleeves. Sometimes I listen to a band and go, “Damn, they’re so experienced and so good with their instruments!” Very soon, I get bored. And then other times I listen to a relatively underground newbie and one of the first things I think is, “Hmm. There’s a little lack of refinement and experience here,” but I grow to like them because of all the spunk and natural vibes there are.

TORMENT is like combination of both above bands. They have raw talent, coupled with tasteful mastery, yet they never fall into the pit where typical, generic, yet technique-talented bands go to die with their 6/10 records and accumulated wealth lying around them. Their relatively underground status and freshness has spawned a creativity that is very novel in its own sense. It’s like listening to a genius friend improvise on his guitar when you’re both chilling out. The entire album feels greatly close to home, very garage, intensely real, and therein lays their selling point.

The vocalist has a very interesting tone that caught my attention and engaged me since track one. It’s like Black mixed Death mixed Thrash mixed something else Metal. It’s new, and it might not be for everyone, but with their new take on vocals, TORMENT can only go upwards as a band that doesn’t let record company demands quash their uniqueness.
The solos had this great Rock N' Roll and classic Rock tone to it. I was thinking Brian May or Ritchie Blackmore, but then I remembered that TORMENT doesn’t give a shit about sounding like other people so I quickly dropped it in reverence. It was interesting for me to discover that in their early years, the band covered SLAYER, POSSESSED, and DESTRUCTION – Thrash bands with a Death Metal leaning. And the influence can certainly be heard, most apparent being DESTRUCTION with the buzzing riffs and chuggish way of playing them.

The band takes their time with each song’s intros, showing a clear appreciation for mangling brains and straining necks with their steady paced, rocking intros. There are far too few bands that have that good old METALLICA steady-paced, riff-heavy style that so drew me into Thrash when I was younger. Most bands these days just seem to want to smash away at the drums and go Tom Morello on the guitars, without any real catchy rhythm or song direction. It loses its niche, but this… this is something that is forever. It was novel when it came out, and it remains novel to this day. It still catches people by their toes and still moves hordes.

Overall, the band is a little new in the metal world. But that’s what’s so great about them: they’re fresh. They’re special. I have a thing for special. Hah. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, this album is rocking. It is… how do I say this? You know what; I should just follow the example of TORMENT, newly-minted as one of my “to-watch” bands, in their philosophy that simplicity is key. Therefore here is my simple conclusion: this is a nice album. Listen to it if you like nice albums. My service to Metal is fulfilled.

3 Star Rating

1. The Dawn of the End (Intro)
2. Dead
3. Pseudo Freedom
4. The Cage
5. Chaos Lords
6. The Beast Within
7. Dissolution
8. Forced Cynicism
Christian “Thrasher” Masiero – Drums
Fabrizio Fontana – Guitars, Vocals
Luigi Corinto – Bass
Giovanni Allasia – Guitars
Record Label: EBM Records


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