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Torment - Tormentizer (CD)

by Harry Papadopoulos at 25 August 2009, 8:05 AM

If you manage to come this far, either you: 1) are a big fan of TORMENT, 2) are someone that has to read this two-in-one review, 3) are told to read it or 4) don't have anything else to do right now.

TORMENT is not a new band. This year they have their 25th anniversary! Not bad at all as far as the years concern, but if we see what they have released in these 25 years, we will see only four full length albums! And that's not good. And even though they have a quarter of a century being active, they didn't achieve anything else. OK, they played in Waken fest in 1993 and 1994 but almost anyone can play as an opening act there now…

Let's start with their last album, Tormentizer, before moving to their Tormentation re-release. Even though the opening riff is promising, when the vocals come in with the childish lyrics, they spoil everything. Old school Thrash with an I-want-to-sound-like-MOTORHEAD attitude. And how can you take a band seriously when they have titles like I Hate The System, Politics And Religion etc.? The sound of the album may be the one that should be, that that doesn't mean anything. With today's technology, anyone can have a proper sound, even with his PC at home. As for the cover of We Are The Boys (from BLITZ)…sorry but I prefer the original. Unfortunately, here we are dealing with with an average album, if we want to have some mercy to TORMENT. Uninspired with nothing to say and with a voice that makes you wanting to press the stop button immediately. If we want to listen to something like that, there are other bands that play much better, like MOTORHEAD, TANKARD or early TANK.

As for the Tormentation re-release (it firstly came out in 2005), I don't find any reason for its existence. Just like their newest album, and probably all the others, here you will find MOTORHEAD-like riffing, childish lyrics (P.C. (Porn Casting), Politically Incorrect (And Damn Proud Of It) and many more) and the classic German accent in their English. The only reason that I find in this re-release is the bonus CD, but then why did they released it back then as a limited edition? I don't own any other album from TORMENT but I strongly believe that every one is a copy of its previous.

Clock is ticking, and we don't have time to spare, especially in two below average albums. I love MOTORHEAD but I don't like their bad imitations plus the cover of Please Don't Touch from JOHNNY KID AND THE PIRATES is awful.

The rate is for both albums.

2 Star Rating

Disc 1

Let's Get Extreme
Nothing To Repent
Heavy Metal Whorehouse
I Hate The System
Wind Of Change
Temptress Crystal Meth
We Are The Boys
Politics And Religion
The Ones You Love To Hate
A Tribute

Disc 2

Tormentation Re-release (sold as a separate release):
- Intro
- New World Terror
- Tormentation
- P.C. (Porn Casting)
- Laws Of The Street
- In The Name
- Traitor's Fate
- Politically Incorrect (And Damn Proud Of It)
- Shop 'Til Ya Drop
- The Calling
- Not Dead Yet
- Women
- Tribute To Traci
- State Of War
- Please Don't Touch
- Bestial Sex
- Heavy Metal Hooligans
bonus CD:
- Outbreak Of Evil (SODOM cover)
- Sie Kam Zu Mir 2004
- Da Bin Ich Zu Doof Zu
- Intro (Unreleased Demo 1989)
- Acid Rain (Unreleased Demo 1989)
- Religious Insanity (Unreleased Demo 1989)
- Das Neue (Unreleased Demo 1989)
- Sie Kam Zu Mir Am Morgen (Unreleased Demo 1989)
- Shop 'Til Ya Drop (Unreleased Demo 1989)
- Ballad Of Peter's Dog (Unreleased Demo 1989)
- Slaves Of Technology (Unreleased Demo 1989)
- Liebe Freunde Von Torment (Unreleased Demo 1989)
- Intro (Bestial Sex EP, 1987)
- State Of War (Bestial Sex EP, 1987)
- Bestial Sex (Bestial Sex EP, 1987)
- Deaf Metal (Bestial Sex EP 1987)
- Chainsaw Massacre (Bestial Sex EP, 1987)
- What Shall We Do With The Drunken Torment (Bestial Sex EP, 1987)
Jorn 'XXX' Ruter (aka 'Kannixxx') - Vocals, Bass
Carsten 'XX' Overbeck (aka 'Tumanixx') - Guitar
Chris 'X' Gripp - Drums
Record Label: Remedy Records


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