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ToRmenTeR - Prophetic Deceiver Award winner

Prophetic Deceiver
by Daniel Fox at 20 December 2014, 12:59 AM

What what I can gather, there does not seem to be as many bands in the Thrash world, as in other spaces along the metal spectrum, in which bands are willing to be crazy-adventurous and break out of molds; they hold to a tried-and-true mantra, and they perform it spectacularly; fans of the music should not take this as a criticism or a negative. Along the way, however, bands like TORMENTER pop up; a Thrash band from LA, California. 2014 is the year of the third full-length, "Prophetic Deceiver". Take a gander; it will surprise, shock and rile you.

"Snakes In The Throne Room" cracks it open; the ominous acoustic intro kinda-sorta-not-really hints towards what is to come, but as the exceptionally technical riffs start to spill forth, you're onto something. Their bassist, as if in the stead of Steve DiGiorgio, does not play behind the rhythm guitars, like many other Thrash bands, comes to life in this album and especially in this track. This track perhaps best exemplifies the lengths at which they are willing to go to cram technicality, beautiful and mature melodies, and heavy grooves into a single track. Pretty out-there for a Thrash album, yes? The good news is, most of the album is like that; eventually you'll come to pieces like the title track, which features an eccentric, almost eastern-sounding arrangement, and jarring juxtaposition between guitar and bass.

Further down the line, "Critical Stasis" presents an intriguing array of rhythmic arrangements and twisted melodies; I'm pleasantly taken back to the era of early INVOCATOR, though it's clear some DESTRUCTION is pouring in; the band shows their love of technical rhythm sections and avant-garde passages. You'll find both of these on "Cosmic Collapse", easily my favourite track on the record, a track that experiences a natural progression through passages of varying intensity and melodic layering, falling nothing short of epicness.

If anything, this band deserves to be recognised for breaking out of and all-but-shattering the Thrash mould with genre-bending riffs and arrangements.

4 Star Rating

1. Snakes In The Throne Room
2. Hanging From A Noose
3. Prophetic Deceiver
4. Exile From Flesh
5. C.P.R.
6. Critical Stasis
7. The Final Form
8. Sacrilege
9. Cosmic Collapse
Carlos "Charlie" Rodelo - Vocals
Jahir Funes - Guitar
Joey Cazarez - Guitar
Tomas Bonilla - Drums
Kory Alvarez - Bass
Record Label: EBM Records


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