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Tormenter – Pulse Of Terror

Pulse Of Terror
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 01 March 2012, 10:58 PM

As a part of the ongoing force to bring Thrash Metal back to its golden years, there are bands from the US scene has been attempting to recreate the raging moshpits of the 80s. Most of them have been doing it quite well like BONDED BY BLOOD, MUNICIPAL WASTE and WARBRINGER; on the other hand in order to truly be aware of the core foundations of the genre, I believe that you must listen to bands like the L.A. street fighters of TORMENTER. I discern that their name is kind of weird but if you want a Thrashy name that would not be the same as others, one should be obliged to devise and play word games in order to be a little more unique. Leaving the name aside, “Pulse Of Terror”, released by EBM Records, is one of the factual 80s Thrash Metal sensations nearly without a shred of new permutations on the side that would pronounce otherwise.

Studying and embracing the arts of old school Thrash from old timers as MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, METALLICA, KREATOR and RAZOR, “Pulse Of Terror” marches with speed forward and with clenched fist as one of these albums that don’t have any sort of connection to the current scene, whether in Thrash or in Metal in general. First of all there is the production that is one of the foremost things that charged the energies that this onslaught of a release has. As a true fan of the old sound of Metal, especially in Thrash Metal, TORMENTER weren’t even close to invent something new, yet the limited rawness brought back sweet memories where pompous productions weren’t around the corner. In technical terms that concern the production, the main issues were in the mixing process. Whoever was in charge of the mixing work probably didn’t put to notice of how the bass drum choked the other channels while the rhythms starting charging forward in full throttle. One of the songs even displayed triggers, or at least I thought it was, that didn’t let me enjoy the guitars and bass, needless to say that the vocals were practically out of range.

After the sound attributes there is the material. By and large, “Pulse Of Terror” didn’t change anything in 80s Thrash Metal, however, the mixture of influences that range from the technical features of MEGADETH and TESTAMENT and the frenzy features of the older versions of KREATOR, METALLICA and RAZOR, made the band compose some intriguing songs, sadly that these songs weren’t the vast majority of the album that merely repeated the same aged ideas that were the breeding ground for so many bands long gone. However, the “Pulse Of Terror” album harbors songs that pursue the true origins of the subgenre devoid of blinking or twitching towards the future. “Messiah On Trial” is a Thrash epic classic of both articulation and sheer aggression just like in the old days. I just wish that the older groups would releases at least a single album that would come about the same approach and hard attitude as shown on this song.

I would definitely check out “Pulse Of Terror” because there are times where the new-fangled stance of the new Thrash Metal bands is just too fresh. Sometimes the term “Back To Basics” isn’t such a nasty phrase. 

3 Star Rating

1. Gallery of Reality
2. Absolution
3. No Anesthesia
4. Pulse of Terror
5. Hunger For Violence
6. Messiah On Trial
7. Inhumanity Personified
8. A Season in the Plague
9. Severe Enforcement
10. Assault from Beyond the Grave
11. Dismantle the World
12. Pantheon of Lunacy 
Charlie Blitz- Vocals
Jahir Funes- Rhythm/Lead Gtrs. & Bkg. Vocals
Rodrigo Rodriguez- Rhythm/Lead Gtrs. & Bkg. Vocals
Richard Orelllana- Bass
Thomas Bonilla- Drums
Record Label: EBM Records


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