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Tormention – Chaotic Delusions

Chaotic Delusions
by Laura Cosheril at 20 September 2015, 7:39 PM

Swedish Death Metal, it never gets old! TORMENTION are one of the new up-and-coming bands of this genre. Spawned in 2008, “Chaotic Delusions” is their second full-length album and third release in total. There is a lot to measure up to when it comes to Death Metal from Sweden. From the likes of ENTOMBED to AT THE GATES, Sweden really spits out a lot of quality when it comes to Death Metal and TORMENTION seem to follow suit.

Their opening song “Burn” starts off with some deep gutturals and rapid instrument work. No sooner had the pure Death Metal started; they break into an almost harmonious riff. It becomes evident very early on that this song is one of the most melodic on the album. The chorus is catchy and will be sure to evoke some brutal headbanging (lest you be in work, then rest assured, some merciless foot tapping will commence). Four songs later comes the title track in the form of a two minute long acoustic intermission. This is a gratifying break, a chance to almost cleanse your ears ready for round two. But don’t get too comfortable as the next track “Satyriasis” comes swiftly and makes sure to pull you right back to the dark side. Next comes the stand-out song on the album. “Schizophrenic” starts off with a groovy bass intro, quickly followed by an infectious melodic guitar riff. The vocals shortly kick in and you are assaulted by the classic sepulchral voice of Joakim. The chorus features some contrasting vocal elements. There are some high-pitched screams and low growls. They work extremely well together and complement the savage tone of the song.

This album is an absolute killer. TORMENTION seem to put a modern swing on Old School Death Metal. The only way I can describe them, is they are like a strange hybrid of DISMEMBER and CANNIBAL CORPSE. This is the first album that I’ve listened to in a long time where I didn’t want it to end. I loved every second of this album. There are moments of melody, there are moments of carnage and there are even moments that seem to pop up out of the blue and take you by surprise. You’re constantly being kept guessing. “Chaotic Delusions” is a masterpiece that needs to be listened to by every Death Metal fan.

5 Star Rating

1. Burn
2. Not my Hands
3. Legion
4. Deus Aborted
5. Chaotic Delusions
6. Satyriasis
7. Schizophrenic
8. Lust
9. St®anken
Adam Andersson - Bass
Daniel Gustavsson - Guitar
Joakim Mikiver - Vocals
Ämir Batar – Drums
Record Label: Murder Records


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