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Tormentor Bestial – 13 Years Old

Tormentor Bestial
13 Years Old
by Oli Gonzalez at 13 February 2022, 4:18 AM

The appropriately named “13 Years Old” represents the 13th year of existence for TORMENTOR BESTIAL. This compilation album contains hits from the Brazilian native’s back catalogue, some of which have been reproduced for this album. Whilst researching the band, I’ve seen them described as combining Brazilian brutality, European melody, and American production. It’ll be interesting to see how my views marry up with this. With the band being thrash metal from Brazil, it’ll be interesting to see if elements of SEPULTURA and KRISIUN are in there, especially as the former are cited as influences for the band.

To be honest, I do have mixed feelings towards this album. Some good, some bad, some downright ugly. I’ll start with the negative. There are some interesting thrash metal grooves that would appeal to a casual fan of the genre. For example, in “Bad Blood” and “God Save Satan Depraved”. However, I do wonder if they are perhaps generic at times and not distinguishing themselves from other thrash metal bands. With the regards to the lyrical themes, I have to draw my attention to “Easy Woman”. I felt uncomfortable listening to this and honestly thought about turning off the album! I won’t repeat the lyrics here but let’s just say the lyrics are somewhat degrading towards women. It’s 2022. I thought that we had moved on from this? I don’t understand what the intention is behind this song. It’s not cool or edgy. It just demonstrates a lack of creativity.

Sadly, I realise that I may be portraying TORMENTOR BESTIAL in a negative light, but had to share these thoughts. There are however much more enjoyable aspects to the album. I noted how the band seem to go down a melodic death metal route at times, with guitar tones and overall feel that reminded me of AT THE GATES. This is most apparent for me in “Demon Perversion”. Also, check out “Kill Or Die”. That song opens with what can only be described as a sweep picking master class on the guitar! This is absolutely demonic! I love it! The band’s guitarists also show off their skill in “Reborn From The Ashes”. That solo is a monster! A technical aesthetic master class, with the two interchanging seemingly effortlessly. I honestly think that when the band play to their strengths and incorporate these elements, that’s a lot more enjoyable to listen to. Not generic sounding thrash!

I see elements of other genres popping into the music. For example, I get a nu-metal feel from “Mosh”, especially with the use of ‘squealie’ pinch harmonics. The call and response backing vocals in “Tormenator” gives a hardcore-early thrash feel. This shows that TORMENTOR BESTIAL certainly can be versatile with their sound. I do think the production values are a little inconsistent at times, but that is to be expected at times, especially in what is a compilation album wherein some songs have been recorded over a decade apart. Again, some songs sound more raw and less polished than others, but this may be expected. Overall, this is very much a mixed review. The band show some glimpses of brilliance but also seem flat and generic at times. If their next album is leaning more towards melodic death, I’ll definitely be interested.

Songwriting:  5
Musicianship: 7
Memorability:  5
Production:  7

3 Star Rating

1. From The Past To The Future
2. The Return
3. Demon Perversion
4. Human Trash
5. Easy Woman
6. Bad Blood
7. Mosh
8. Kill Or Die
9. Reborn From The Ashes
10. Besides My Understanding
11. God Save Satan Depraved
12. Highway To Death
13. Tormenator
14. When My Heroes Go Away
Eduardo - Guitars/Vocals
Thiago – Vocals/Bass
Niko – Drums
Luiz – Vocals/Guitars
Record Label: Music-Records


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Edited 28 November 2022

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