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Tormentress – Operation Torment

Operation Torment
by Matt Coe at 05 September 2014, 7:01 PM

Active since 2006, I would imagine for Singapore’s Thrash act TORMENTRESS making their way in the scene has been a slow, arduous process. First assembling the right musicians, second getting the proper gear, and third proving to the world that as an all-female group, they can really perform convincingly in a genre that has been male dominant for quite a while. Now in 2014 we get their debut album “Operation Torment”, a quick hitting 12 track affair that in 33 minutes establishes the quintet as a band that crosses a lot of punk/hardcore ethics with a savage Thrash style that is more European based than Bay Area oriented.

KREATOR, SODOM and others in that raw, mid 80’s Thrash mold come up frequently when taking in songs such as “Seven Feet Under”, the “Raining Blood” –like “Denied” or Crossover quickie “Materialistic War”. Neezie as a vocalist is not going to hit any Operatic or serene singing elements – her voice is very brutal, savage, and in line with the musical template her fellow musicians portray. There are many in the scene who still love this attack mode of Thrash – the energy and spontaneous aspects ringing true to the early principles of the style.

Prepare for the fact that the production is adequate but not outstanding (the double bass tone is a tad weak), and also know going in that you aren’t going to hear the most prepared lead breaks in the world (more in line with the SLAYER comparisons). I would say for a first album “Operation Torment” can get the blood flowing and the pits moving, but if TORMENTRESS want to sustain a career they are going to have to come up with a few more tricks to develop a sound that can produce a few more memorable songs outside of their influence wheelhouse.

If you can’t get enough of Crossover Thrash, this could be a decent pick up.

3 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Denied
3. Mutilator
4. Trash & Torment
5. The Great Oppression
6. Seven Feet Under
7. Infinite Oneness
8. Dead At 27
9. No Remorse
10. Materialistic War
11. Why
12. Tormentor
Neezie – Vocals
Gwen – Guitars
Massie – Guitars
Aniz – Bass
Tutiee – Drums
Record Label: Infernö Records


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