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Torn the Fuck Apart - A Genetic Predisposition To Violence

Torn the Fuck Apart
A Genetic Predisposition To Violence
by Katharine Hassett at 15 June 2018, 5:05 AM

Hailing from Kansas City, TORN THE FUCK APART is a brutal death metal band known for "ripping peoples faces off with a relentless onslaught of brutality." With four albums under their belts, the quartet has seen a slow progression in their overall production with each release. Their first studio album, "…The Dissection of Christ," a record with arguably generic riffage and cringey samples, is when the band really took off in terms of a following, going on to tour with legends such as MORBID ANGEL, DYING FETUS, CRYPTOPSY, DEICIDE and VITAL REMAINS. Upon listening to the first and second studio albums, one can immediately see ORIGIN has heavily influenced their work, but it is not until their newest release, "A Genetic Predisposition To Violence" that they truly claim their own sound.

The brutal onslaught begins immediately with sheer speed on "It Jammed the Woodchipper," a track as mathy as it is a beatdown. The vocals are mostly your standard low gutterals but Michael Langner is not shy about mixing it up throughout the album, leaving one wondering if it is still him on the mic. Several times, and especially on "Invitation Homicide," I had to stop and ask myself: "Is that Frank Mullen of SUFFOCATION?" This possible influence can also be seen on the following track, "These Pliers are Terrible for Pulling Teeth," with more than a few dissonant breakdowns without compromising the relentless speed the band excels at.

After a dark and slow burning instrumental interlude titled "In the Confines of Fear," the assault seamlessly continues with a swift kick to the face called "Dad's Head for Dinner," more goregrindy riffage flooded with some impressive guitar solos. "Boiled, Chopped and Slopped" starts with the perfect sample to match the pure filthiness of the bands dissonant groves, a sample of swine snorting and squealing, of course! A more slow paced track with some melancholic solos, the breakneck grooves definitely earn them their namesake. "Collection Complete" is probably the most interesting song on the album, a pummeling track showing off the technical prowess of Jake Page but also evolving into an almost metalcore song at times, which is not a bad thing at all in my eyes. This depressive tone continues on "The Object of Obsession," because what catalog littered with homicidal lyrics doesn't have a period of emotional reflection? "Compulsion to Torture" ends the ten track album on a high note with another brutal smackdown, washing away any notion that these guys went soft.

TORN THE FUCK APART is a group that is in no short supply of edgy song titles and subversive lyrics but don't let this fool you that this is your typical cliche death metal band. The four piece has definitively shown their songs have more substance than most in the over saturated genre of brutal death metal. This latest release has fleshed out all of their growth and has proven they do hold up against heroes like ORIGIN and DYING FETUS. This is a release that should not be overlooked for anyone into brutal death or technical death metal and I am still enjoying it on my fourth listen.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. It Jammed the Woodchipper
2. Invitation Homicide
3. These Pliers are Terrible for Pulling Teeth
4. In the Confines of Fear
5. Dad's Head for Dinner
6. Abhorrent Existence
7. Boiled, Chopped and Slopped
8. Collection Complete
9. The Object of Obsession
10. Compulsion to Torture
Michael Langner - Guitar/Vocals
Nick Yeats - Guitar
Brandon Mitchell - Bass
Jake Page - Drums
Record Label: Gore House Productions


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