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Torok - Addiciton Of Fools (CD)

Addiciton Of Fools
by Grigoris Chronis at 17 March 2007, 10:02 AM

Hmmm…This is a 'teaser' for a review. Addiction Of Fools brought up the difficulty - at times - of writing this review since many words cannot describe (even approximately) - details in the music that easily. TOROK release their third (or fourth?) effort and - even if not familiar with past works of this act - it was interesting enough to find out I had to write-'n'-erase words and phrases in this review more than 666 times…
Who can recall a band named IMPALER? Yeap, the 80s 'underground' act that released the Rise Of The Mutants EP and If We Had Brains …We'd Be Dangerous LP in the mid-to-late 80s. Gore themes, punky-meets-thrashy music and a conflict with the PMRC ideals that gave the band free advertisement. Well, the only 'link' between IMPALER and TOROK is axeman Michael Torok himself. The lead guitarist (for both bands) joined (then named) TONGUE & CHEEK  in order to evolve themselves into a more traditional Rock/Metal style. 1996's Silence and 2001's Binge & Purge - both of them being self-financed albums - are the predecessors of the album reviewed here, and I hope these works were more 'clean'…
Now, imagine David Lee Roth hanging out with a juvenile Dee Snider. The whole AEROSMITH gang steps in the pub in a dark mood and they all start talkin' bout SKID ROWs' impact in the American market (era 1992). Eddie Van Halen calls Roth on the cell phone to say he's thinking of bringing his guitar sound to a heavier level. Roth says 'OK', Snider asks what happened, Roth explains, Steven Tyler thinks letting David Covredale know would be a good taste of advice for WHITESNAKE. Hello, David…blah, blah, blah…cool…see ya. OK, let's tie Eddie's volume with Steven's, Dee's, (2x) David's and Sebastian's 'throats mixer'. Wrap it up in a double-layer cellophane; one flirting with the 70s US Hard Rock deeds, the other standing on-the-edge British 'heavy' corner.
So, this is supposed to be a review? I remember the time I hear US lunatics LAST CRACK for the first time. Do the (genre-free) comparison, for everyone familiar…I'll listen to the album again in 24 hours.

3 Star Rating

Wolf Within
Full Moon
1000 Reasons
Addiction Of Fools
Do U Harm
The Burden
Bryan Erickson - Vocals
Michael Torok - Guitars
Bill Holmberg - Bass
John Jankowski - Keyboards
Tim Davis - Drums


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