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Torpëdo - Mechanic Tyrants

Mechanic Tyrants
by Quinten Serna at 17 March 2020, 11:22 AM

In a time long since past but far from forgotten by its virtuous wealth of annals, came the existence of Metal as we know it; hammer to steel, steel to force, and grass rooted late nights trading tapes and handing out flyers, these are in themselves the roots and origins of Metal that we know; a violently creeping sensation hammered vehemently into the id and ego, crescendoing within the confines of the psyche of every realized listener, Metal is absolute and pure in form, and there exists some bands which stay true to such values.

TORPËDO carries weight in name alone however, “Mechanic Tyrants”, goes beyond the realm of visual impression and carves its own name into the hallowed collection of timeless works, those items we dub Classic Metal. Ripped straight from the still beating heart of the 70s now steeled in the folds of modern recording the song lunges and tears at you, the listener, with an unforgiving assault on your sense. Such is the case with the commencing piece, “Maniac”. The song to follow, “Mechanic Tyrants” for which the album is named continues on with the motif of classic sounding tones and an unbridled delivery. Perhaps my favorite track upon the EP, “Wrath Of God” contains the best elements of the EP all in one song, from the ranges of classical influences in construction, to the divisive stereoscopic harmonies supporting a German soliloquy, and finally the in-your-face delivery of the choruses and outro.

The band’s soundscape is constructed in regards to its classical influences from the obvious notions of MOTÖTHEAD and DIAMOND HEAD to the more subtle stylings of EXCITER and TANK. The instruments balance out incredibly well with one another whereupon no item draws emphasis over another or gets drowned out in the mix, one of the best examples being “Sons Of Evil” where the guitars are playing different rhythms and leads and over one another however every item is still distinct and clear regardless. The bass is subtle but extremely pronounced finding its way into the center of every track where it provides strong emphasis to the rhythm and foundation. The drums are consistent and tight, no groove lasts longer than it should and neither does there exist any sudden change in volume or play that gives the song or passage a semblance of being out of place. The voice is light but strong in its own right, cutting through every instrument with clarity and purpose defining each song with its sharp and pronounced tonality.

The spirit of a era never truly dies and TORPËDO is clear evidence of such as they still deliver frantic and aggressive bouts of Speed Metal laden of Heavy Metal roots near 4 decades following the inception of the craft. Anyone with a love for classical sounding guitars, relentless driven drums, in your face riffs, and reaching vocals will find cathartic solace in “Mechanic Tyrants”.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Maniac
2. Mechanic Tyrants
3. Victim Of Desire
4. Sons Of Evil
5. Wrath Of God
6. Idiocracy
Dany Keck - Bass
Phil Srešý - Drums
Alex Starbreaker - Guitars
Flo Fait - Vocals
Record Label: Gates Of Hell Records


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