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Torrefy – Life is Bad

Life is Bad
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 15 June 2020, 2:34 AM

TORREFY have been together since 2011, this is their third Full-Length album, following Thrash and Burn and The Infinity Complex, which were released in 2014 and 2016 respectively. They have the same band line-up since day one. Let’s hear what the Canadian Thrash Metalers have in store.

Sarcophony” kicks off with a fantastic frenzied riff, the melodies already building as the raw vocals are unleashed. The pace does slow down slightly, but the intensity is still there for us all to hear. The melodies have built up well, even if the pace is not how it started off, the balance is so well held. The song itself could have unleashed more, for me, but the overall impression is still highly rated. There are sections when the pace raises up and the control to maintain during these sections does not go unnoticed, it just adds to the beauty when the more, old school-styled Thrash riffs appear again. Th only issue is that the song does go on a bit and could have ended in different sections, but saying that, no part of the song seemed to drag on. Good start to the album

Eye of the Swarm” starts slower, which is easy in comparison to the previous song. This one does build up the harmonies well again as the vocals come into play, they are still aggressive, but once more the pace dips when the vocals come in. the tempo itself is still set to a decent level and as the vocals kick up the gears, the overall pace of the song does too. As we approach the half way point, the song hasn’t expanded as much as I thought it would have, but it’s still pretty catchy. The beautiful thrash solo riffs do return, but don’t last as long as maybe they should have. The second half of the song does not slow down in the same way, so it is controlled well and executed even better.

Outrun by Wolves” has the fast start, again with a bit of frenzy, but a dual intro to both vocals and instrumental. The pace is decent and so too is the aggression from all parts. There is a great section of Thrashful instrumentalism, bringing the melodies together to progress the song. The song does dip in and out of pace, which isn’t a great idea at times co it can make the song boring during the drops, however, the drops do not last very long and are soon picked back up in style. The issue they may have is just repeating the same format per song throughout the album.

GFYD” treats our ears to a great little build-up instrumentally, the vocals just adding the short outbursts at the start. However, they missed the tick on opening it up. the song slows down before really starting off, the vocals have a faster pace than the instrumental segments, which just doesn’t sit right. The aggression shown from the vocals should really have been matched from the melodies all round and because of the lack of this I found it hard to get into the song, the instrumentals worked well on their own, and not with the vocals, for my tastes.

Arborequiem” starts off slow, more like something form the 80’s by POISON, there is a real Glam Rock/Metal vibe for the starts. The intro doesn’t go anywhere again, which is frustrating. The pace however, is electric from the vocals, with the instrumentals just behind, this is starting to become more noticeable. Although it is hard to knock the tempo, it is just the same as the rest of the album, I cannot hear many differences.  The song goes on without changing much, which shows the great control that they have but an almost inability to expand the song once they hit a certain way. The instrumental section around the 5-minute mark is a decent addition, which breaks the song down well, allowing the melodies to explore, without breaking too far away. That is probably where the song should have ended

The Thin Line” starts off with the dual inclusions as we heard on “Outrun by Wolves”, this is certainly a decent start, its fast and controlled well, but then it does slow down, again, like so many before it. The rather predictable increase of pace greets our ears, but the lack of expansion is certainly easy to work out. What the song does well is the control and you have to hand that to the band; it doesn’t really have much wrong with the song. The instrumental section towards the end is strong as ever and is a welcomed introduction to the song, even if it does come rather late on.

Cells” starts off in similar vein to many others, the pace isn’t as fast as others, but it soon picks up with the vocals and instrumentals matching pretty well. The vocals have remained aggressive throughout this album and are not slowing down one bit. The instrumentals are slowly fading into the back, allowing the odd section to seep through, but not gaining too much attention. This one has slowed right down, but tries to pick itself up, however it just doesn’t feel like a natural progression. The melodies are decent, but feel like they are in the lower gears when it should be more full-throttle. The pace does pick up midway through but just doesn’t expand anywhere near enough as it should have. The end section does well to expand on the instrumental side, being allowed more of a say, but it should have been spread more throughout the song, that being said it is a strong effort.

Torn Apart by Machinery” starts off with a deeper vocal set, which matches the instrumental pace far better. The build-p at the start is brilliant, controlled but without seeming limited. The song slows down into a breakdown just before the 2-minute mark, but it does instantly speed up with all aspects hitting the tempo gears higher. The intensity doesn’t hit the high levels for as long as they possibly should have, it dwells down a bit. The pace and tempo take a huge bump around 5-minutes in, it takes away all momentum, so when it tries firing back, it takes a bit more to get into, not the best idea. The rest of the song goes in several different direction forming a decent ending, but this idea could have happened sooner.

Plague of Empires” starts off with a weird, pointless noise before the vocals and instruments kick in. the pace drops pretty much instantly, which makes it harder for the tempo when the instrumentalists try to pick u the pace, they throw down a great harmony and the vocals back it up, but why not start with this? The song is a melee of great sound and speed at the midway, but with the fear of all pace being dropped. The song ends the album well, not fading away, a strong end.

The album is not exactly unique and unlike anything we have ever heard before, but what is nowadays? One of the key issues I have is the lengths of some songs, they could have made more songs and ended some songs at better moments, also should have used more solos. If you just want a Thrash album to go along with, then this is fine, there is nothing really wrong with it.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 5
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Sarcophony
2. Eye of the Swarm
3. Outrun by Wolves
5. Arborequiem
6. The Thin Line
7. Cells
8. Torn Apart by Machinery
9. Plague of Empires
John Ferguson –Vocals
Ben Gerencser – Rhythm Guitar
Simon Smith  – Bass Guitar
Adam Henry – Lead Guitar
Daniel Laughy – Drums


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Edited 04 February 2023

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