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Tortharry - Altars of Ignorance Award winner

Altars of Ignorance
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 September 2021, 12:41 PM

Death Metal can be faced in two different ways: there are bands that are like CANNIBAL CORPSE, that always plays in the same way (and that the reason for they can be said as a Death Metal AC/DC), and those who prefer to evolve as time passes by and some lessons are learned (but keeping its sound roots intact). Both ways are good (and please, don’t start arguments about that, it’s a loss of time and patience), and the listeners can face “Altars of Ignorance” on both ways, because the trio TORTHARRY, hailing from Czechia, works in such a way.

They’re ancients into the Death Metal scene (they’re active since 1991 with such a name, but their roots can be traced to 1984), and shows on this album that they evolved since their beginning, but holding ground to their identity. It’s not a sin to compare some of their elements to VADER, because they play in a form that combines Death/Thrash Metal from the past with brutal and nasty influences from the 90’s, and using a very good technical level (on the song “Altars of Madness” is can be heard on bass guitar parts and drums as well). It’s violent, aggressive, compact and brutal, but with a careful touch on the arrangements, and this album shows a hooking energy that’s hard to resist to. Dan Friml worked with the trio on the recording, sound engineering and mixing, and things are working on a way that is modern, defined and definitively brutal! It’s aggressive and nasty, but in a way that the listeners can understand without problems. Yes, the final result is very good, indeed.

The album shows eight excellent songs, so be prepared by their brutal approach on songs as “Reversed Dorians” (charming contrasts between rhythms, what shows as bass guitar and drums are working in a great way), “Corrosive Haven” (that shows more traditional Death Metal tempos with some shifts, and a massive wall of guitar riffs), “Altars of Ignorance” (this is an Old School Death Metal with some updates on its features, and the very good grunts fits on all the changes heard), “Self-Fettered” (where the Hardcore influences of Death Metal become evident on their music, but some groove parts can be heard as well), “Silent Psalm” (the slower parts are impossible to resist to), and “Forget Us Like We Will Do” (more than 10 minutes of abrasive brutality on the heads of everyone, with charming and even Progressive touches due the excellent technical work). These are fine for a first hearing, but the album is solid and deserves to be enjoyed fully.

If the fans can leave their conservative ways of thinking and can give a chance to other names than the successful ones, “Altars of Ignorance” will surely be a very good experience. So praise TORTHARRY as they deserve.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Reversed Dorians
3. Corrosive Haven
4. Altairs of Ignorance
5. Carousel of Grief
6. Self-Fettered
7. Silent Psalm
8. The Heritage
9. Forget Us Like We Will Do
Dan “Heatley” Pavlík - Vocals, Guitars
Martin “Lemy” Vacek - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jiří “Panther” Rosa - Drums
Record Label: MetalGate Records


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