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Tortharry - Follow

by Danny Sanderson at 20 May 2014, 6:02 PM

This, TORTHARRY's eighth full length studio album, sees these guys return with another slab of death metal which is sure to please. Produced by brothers Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawski, the duo behind DECAPITATED's "Nihility" and BEHEMOTH's seminal "Evangelion", it showcases the sort of sound that fans will have come to expect from TORTHARRY. What sets it apart from many other Death Metal albums is that it is quite accessible: in much the same way that bands like INQUISITION are accessible enough to introduce Symphonic Black Metal fans to Black Metal's more extreme aspects, this is the sort of album that could, potentially, introduce many people who are into the more melodic style of Death Metal to the more brutal end of the genre without putting them off it completely before they've fully given it a chance. I highly doubt that you're average PUTRID PILE or GUTTURAL SECRETE fans will appreciate it as much as someone who hasn't heard Death Metal heavier than, for example, CHILDREN OF BODOM, before. And I reckon that fans of more Brutal Death Metal may even find that it lacks the power and ferocity that much of what they'd normally listen to has, even if the main ingredients of that genre are present for anyone to hear.

 This is, overall, a really good album. Right from the opening "100% Follower" onward this album sets out and tries to make a decent effort of smashing your head with a full on Death Metal onslaught. I know that sounds really cheesy, but that's the best way of describing the sound. You can feel it coming out of the speakers at you, and it very rarely lulls in terms of brutality throughout the whole album. Songs like "Repeating Mistakes" and the slow and crushing "Unheard" are without a doubt some of the strongest tracks on the album. There are points on this album where they begin to wander into more technical/progressive Death Metal territories, in particular on tracks such as "Sacrifice of Sanity". The closing track, "Epilogue" is incredibly heavy sounding and makes a perfect end to this album.

This album has riffs and high musicianship in abundance, but at times it feels like this album could be slightly better, and some songs, such as "Mislead" are just a bit too generic. Moreover, this is not an album that immediately hooks you; rather, it grows on you, and it can be appreciated after maybe three or four listens.

  This album is yet another great one from TORTHARRY. I'd recommend buying it, or at the very least giving it a listen. And by all means show it to your friends who are huge Melodic Death Metal fans. They might just enjoy it.


3 Star Rating

1. 100% Follower
2. Unheard
3. Inner Decay
4. Silenced Commands
5. Sacrifice of Sanity
6. Mislead
7. Repeating Mistakes
8. Voluntarily Blind
9. Epilogue
Martin Vacek- Bass, Vocals
Dan Pavlik- Guitars, Vocals
Jiri Rosa- Drums
Record Label: MetalGate Records


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