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Tortorum - Katabasis Award winner

by Dory Khawand at 02 February 2014, 10:44 PM

The Norwegians don’t seem to let up on their Black Metal releases and new bands, which have carried the music spirit summoned in the early 90’s until present day to great heights. TORTORUM’s upcoming release “Katabasis” is an archetype on how extreme, demonic, and soul-ripping Black Metal truly is due to the professional musicianship from each and every member of the band, and the dark mana emitted from each and every track.

The contents of “Katabasis” don’t vary much, but remain steady with slight musical variations. The most important highlight to mention is the vocals, which are some of the best I have ever heard from the newcomers to this strictly orthodox genre of Metal. What Barghest has in his vocal chords is without a doubt a demon he has conjured from the seventh pit of hell, because the variety from perfectly executed Black Metal shrieks to occasional growls and distorted shouts is something bands need to learn from. Moreover, the music delivered from the band’s 2 guitarists Skyggen and Specter kills every chance of this album being monotonous, with one guitarist strumming high chords or delivering traditional Black riffs while the other may be chugging in a somewhat thrashy way, to add heaviness and variety.

TORTORUM take a strong rank in the Black Metal releases of 2014 and improve massively from their previous album “Extinctionist”, delivering an album on par with cultists WATAIN, MARDUK, and CARPATHIAN FOREST. Grab this release on the 8th of March and be prepared for some real Norwegian madness!

Standout tracks: “In Nameless NonBeing” & “Beyond the Earth and Air and Sun”.

4 Star Rating

1. Descensus
2. The Great Appetence
3. In Nameless NonBeing
4. Severance and Perseverance
5. As the Light Falls to Slaughter
6. Into the Sixth Coil
7. Open Wide the Gates of Chaos
8. Attributions to the Dead
9. Beyond the Earth and Air and Sun
Barghest – Bass, Vocals
Skyggen – Guitars
Specter - Guitars
Record Label: W.T.C. Productions


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