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Torture Pulse – God Leash

Torture Pulse
God Leash
by Laura Cosheril at 24 July 2015, 4:07 PM

TORTURE PULSE are Finland’s finest Death Metal quartet. Their sound's extremely reminiscent of early Swedish Death Metal (the irony of what I have just said is not lost on me). TORTURE PULSE is the brainchild of Kimmo(ex-MYTHOS), Jani (ex-BELIAL & IMPALED NAZARENE) and Petri (SCENT & PATHOS GAZETTE). Jani, unfortunately isn’t in the band anymore. They had their first practice in 2005 and have just celebrated their 10 year anniversary. “God Leash” is their second full length album and the perfect way to celebrate such an anniversary.

“God Leash” is 41 minutes of bestial carnage. Even down to the song names, TORTURE PULSE really keep to their depraved theme. “Napalm To The Cross”, “Plague Poetry” and “Morbid Connection Through Flesh” to name a few. Their opening song “Myths of Belial Incarnated” is killer. You’re greeted with a heavily down-tuned, groovy guitar riff with a heavy buzz, bringing to mind Swedish Death Metal veterans DISMEMBER. At first the buzzing guitar can be a little confusing, but it works extremely well and you become used to it after the first 30 seconds.

“Burst of Black Blood” is a Death Metal masterpiece. The drum beat is perfection with smooth transitions. It shows that TORTURE PULSE can be very diverse and original, yet still follow in the footsteps of the classics, keeping Old School Death Metal alive. My favourite song from the album “Golgotha Revisited” if you ever needed a song to practice your windmilling to, this has to be it. The riff makes you want to charge into battle while still delivering your daily dose of blasphemy. The guitars are simple yet powerful and the savage vocals will blow your mind. Throughout its course, this album has a very “raw” feel to it thanks to the production. It works so well, it makes the already brutal songs a lot more primitive and primordial.

Overall, I think this album is remarkably deserving of the title “Masterpiece”. This is Death Metal in its true form. TORTURE PULSE took from their influences, rinsed and recycled and produced an exceedingly brilliant album. If you’re a fan of the genre and don’t have this album in your music collection, you are really missing out. I’m already looking forward to their next release.

5 Star Rating

1. Myths of Belial Incarnated
2. On Lacerated Wings
3. Burst of Black Blood
4. Napalm To The Cross
5. Macabre Magister
6. Army of Pestilence
7. Plague Poetry
8. Glory That Was
9. Golgotha Revisited
10. Morbid Connection Through Flesh
Kimmortal – Guitar
Blastphemy – Drums
Feetus – Vocals
HellAriser – Bass/Backing Vocals
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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