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Torture Rack - Malefic Humiliation

Torture Rack
Malefic Humiliation
by Brian “Metal” Morton at 01 July 2018, 4:35 AM

From Portland, Oregon comes TORTURE RACK and their newest release “Malefic Humiliation”. If you are a fan of older CANNIBAL CORPSE this will be right up your alley. Starting off with “Festering Castration” pretty brutal for a beginning to an album. Jason's vocals are on point the entire song as well as Seth on drums. “Mace Face”  is pretty much your run of the mill Death Metal song but its pretty good. “Masked In Leeches” really picks up the pace of the album. “Masked In Leeches”  is a real headbanger and one of the best songs on the album.

“Corpse Revenge” changes the direction of the album towards a Doom/Death. It also has a real pop feel to it maybe a kind of groove death metal if there is such a thing. Pierce Williams and Tony playing the guitars on this track are pretty sick. The fifth song on the album is “Slave To The Savage” is a pure death metal song and definitely pit worthy! “Found In Feces” really grinds into your ears. Its pretty fucking sick and the bass work by Jason really stands out.

The seventh track “Lurking In The Undercroft” really reminded me of older CANNIBAL CORPSE and SIX FEET UNDER. In my opinion its the best song on the album even though there isn’t much singing at all basically a few grunts. If you are wanting some truly great drum work I give you “Destined for Dogmeat”. Seth really shined on this one. The last song on the album is “Sweltering Into Gore”. It is my second favorite song and a pretty good end to “Malefic Humiliation”. All in all it was a good listen, I really think with some time it could have been better. I will definitely give it a few more listens, it could be an album that has to grow on me.

Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 5
Originality: 4
Production :8

3 Star Rating

1. Festering Castration
2. Mace Face
3. Masked in Leeches
4. Corpse Revenge
5. Slave to the Savage
6. Found in Feces
7. Lurking in the Undercroft
8. Destined for Dogmeat
9. Sweltering into Gore
SETH - Drums
TONY - Guitars
JASON - Bass/Vocals
Record Label: Headsplit Records


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