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Torture Squad - Far Beyond Existence

Torture Squad
Far Beyond Existence
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 12 January 2018, 3:08 PM

Many names from the Brazilian Metal scene are known in Europe and Japan, and maybe in the USA. One name that became great in these countries was from the quartet TORTURE SQUAD, from São Paulo. But as the lineup changed a lot since they became known outside of Brazil, the main question is: how is the band’s musical work on their latest album, “Far Beyond Existance”?

Well, let’s begin: on the time the band became known on European underground, that were the days from aggressive and technical Death/Thrash Metal with fine melodies from “Hellbound” and “Æquilibrium”, but due changes on the band members, they came with a raw and dirty Thrash Metal on the way of Germany on “Esquadrão de Tortura”. They had an EP released after their last lineup change, called “Return of Evil”, that showed the quartet a coming back to a more Death/Thrash Metal orientated music. So on “Far Beyond Existance” shows a musical evolution from the EP, but even more aggressive, with Thrash Metal side of their music being a bit more subjective. What I mean: this album can be said as their most extreme work.

Being produced and mixed by the band along with Tiago Assolini and Wagner Meirinho (this last guy made the mastering as well), “Far Beyond Existance” sounds brutal and aggressive, but with a clear aesthetics. It’s an album that you can hear clearly bass guitar and drums with dry tunes, but the guitars and vocals were done in an excellent way as well. And the artwork created by Rafael Tavares is amazing, darkened and showing what the band wants do show on this album’s songs.

A coisa começa a ter problemas justamente em um ponto que o TORTURE SQUAD não falha: na questão de “conjunto”, ou seja, como os integrantes soam tocando ao mesmo tempo.

The version I have in hands has 12 songs, with the best ones being “Don’t Cross My Path” (that shows a Thrash Metal insight with some Death Metal moments, fast tempos and an excellent work from bass guitar and drums), the oppressive Death Metal song called “No Fate” (filled with very good guitar riffs), the very good hooking and technical work from bass guitar on “Steady Hands”, the fast and destructive “Hate” (that has as guest the former BENEDICTION singer Dave Ingram), the great technical work used on the slow tempos of “Far Beyond Existence”, the hooking guitar riffs showed on “You Must Proclaim”, the harsh outfit used on their version for “Just Got Paid” (an old hymn from ZZTOP, with Alex Camargo, KRISIUN’s singer, making some guest vocals), the grandiose instrumental song called “Torture in Progress” (where some evident Groove parts appear, along with fine Hammond parts played by Marcelo Schevano, from CARRO BOMBA, GOLPE DE ESTADO, CASA DAS MÁQUINAS).

But there’s a problem that can be felt on “Far Beyond Existance”: Mayara is a great singer, owner of a potent voice, but it isn’t fit as it must on the songs, especially in the guttural moments, because they are too extreme and low tuned for the band’s work. It’s not a matter for a change on the band’s formation (as I told above, she is a talented singer), but to work in a better way in a way that she can do. All that’s left to say is that TORTURE SQUAD is back for the attack, so buy every version, and enjoy this moment, because they are indeed creative!

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Don’t Cross My Path
2. No Fate
3. Blood Sacrifice
4. Steady Hands
5. Hate
6. Hero for the Ages
7. Far Beyond Existence
8. Cursed by Disease
9. You Must Proclaim
10. Just Got Paid
11. Torture in Progress
12. Unknown Abyss
Castor - Bass, Backing Vocals
Amílcar Christófaro - Drums
Renê Simionato - Guitars
Mayara “Undead” Puertas - Vocals
Record Label: Secret Service Records


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