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Tortureama - It Begins At Birth

It Begins At Birth EP
by Brown Dwarf at 30 October 2014, 11:46 PM

The “It Begins at Birth” is the second release from Belgium’s TORTURERAMA. From the moment this powerful riff laden Death metal stampede starts, the first thing you notice is its resonating bass. Dear god, the bass. It’s reminiscent of ENTOMBED at their best, and everything that is righteous about the beloved Swedish Death Metal scene. “Shepherd of a Sacred Realm”, the opener, is a dark, warm, exciting place of content. The influences for TORTURERAMA are wide, but their direction is exact, and TORTURERAMA prove this intent right from the first few notes.

“It begins at birth” is dominated by its chorus’ and “Territorial Darkness” demonstrates this plan clearly. The verses are written from the mid to late 90’s Stockholm Death metal text book, but we all know who and how that book was written, so writing albums by it is nothing to be ashamed of. But, it’s the chorus where TORTURERAMA really come into their own. The drumming and cymbalmanship on “Territorial Darkness” provides some cheekiness as needed but is pummeling at all other times. “Necromantical Tendencies” really steps “It Begins at Birth” up a gear.  This is the song that really lets you know, that although you are only here for a short time, it’s going to be a damned good one.

And then there’s the rubble of that awesome bass again. “Fleshing Ripping Sounds”, the final song on “It Begins at Birth”, has TORTURERAMA running at full pelt and in this moment, there are only a few that can touch the formula TORTURERAMA are playing with. “Fleshing Ripping Sounds” turns this short EP sprint into a methodical and well deserved win for TORTURERAMA.

Of course, there are other bands that fit the TORTURERAMA mold. But, I’m not sure how many others confidently nail the powerful pull of the TORTURERAMA chorus. This EP provides riff upon riff. The bass is not only powerful, but is also solid and leading, and I feel there inlays the problem with this pounding piece of work. The guitar and vocal work are over shadowed at times by some really, really strong bass lines. But with that said, if you like you Metal with a twinge of Power, a shake of Groove and a whole heap of Death, TORTURERAMA’s “It Begins at Birth” is a pretty special way to lose some time and lose your mind!

Get in, and give “It Begins at Birth” a go!

4 Star Rating

1. Shepherd of a Sacred Realm
2. Territorial Darkness
3. Necromantical Tendencies
4.  Flesh Ripping Sounds
S. - Vocals
M. Mucus - Bass
Stof. - Drums
Doctor D. - Guitars
W. – Guitars
Record Label: Dolorem Records


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