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toRyse - Erased

by Jess at 07 June 2018, 4:45 PM

TORYSE, a Metalcore band from Germany, was formed in 2014. The band was never really able to do much in recording or live performances due to many line-up changes. The bane of a many bands existence. However, they were still able to make a name for themselves nationwide. In 2018, the guys were able to stabilize enough to release their first EP “Erased”. To those who knew this band previously, they may notice a new vocal style. “Erased” comes in with five tracks and a listening time of just over 16 minutes.

The opening track, “Vanishing Realm” comes in with a piano and as the others join in, it’s an emotional roller coaster for the ears until about 35 seconds in where you’re flipped on your head and you get a much heavier, less orchestral sound. Until about 45 seconds in and then the growls emerge from the depths. This is a no holds barre transition. We also get a little harsher cleaner vocal, but there is nothing squeaky clean here. The guitars and bass are phenomenal. You can feel the bass in your spine. The drums are really great. They are quick and change tempo on a dime, but not over whelming.

Unlike its predecessor, track two “Heartless” screams in, literally. The guitars though. They kill it. Those riffs are just perfect. The musical ‘slams’ remind me a lot of PARKWAY DRIVE. In fact, the music itself is reminiscent of something they would put out, which being a fan, speaks highly of these guys talents. Back to the guitars though. They are really great here and deserve all of the praise. Combined with the other musicianship, this track is incredible.

Our Chance”, track three, is a bit softer, but really what is soft in terms of TORYSE? I particularly enjoyed the drums in this one, along with the bass. Not that the guitars are bad, because I don’t think these guys could be bad at making music. It’s just the drums felt a little freer in this one. This is another great track, from a band that keeps proving themselves with each track.

The fourth and title track, “Erased”, in an interesting twist, it seems to have a little bit of a Melodic Metal intro. While still keeping with a very Metalcore base, there’s a little melody here that keeps things interesting. This track is put together extremely well. The bass is incredibly deep. The drums keep things a little lighter, most of the time, allowing the guitars to really power forward. The track is almost anthem-esque creating a bit of a break.

The final track, “Dawn Of Change”, comes in with a little bit of atmosphere, similar to the first track but not to the same degree. It quickly moves into a thrilling listen. It’s a little different from what we’ve heard before. The cleaner vocals bellow out, well as much as a harsher clean vocal can bellow. It’s an interesting diversion from the rest of the album. No worries though, we still have those gut spilling growls in there too. This track shows us more of the creativity these guys can cultivate.

TORYSE’sErased” is a fantastically written EP. This one is for the metallers that like some atmosphere but mostly wants something intense. Each track has a little (or a lot) of something good. Take a listen. I’m hyped to see where these guys go next.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Vanishing Realm
2. Heartless
3. Our Chance
4. Erased
5. Dawn Of Change
Steff - Vocals
Chris - Guitar
Dali - Guitar
Till - Bass
Thorsten - Drums
Record Label: Boersma Records


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