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Toshes - We Are Other People Award winner

We Are Other People
by Eldad “Blacknasa” Stainbook at 09 December 2014, 2:01 PM

As part of Metal Temple Magazine’s campaign devoted for aiding the promotion of newcomer / unsigned bands, we bring you TOSHES.

Let’s first put out all of the technicalities on paper: TOSHES is a four-piece band from the UK. That’s it; the moment i started to listen to the album i understood that i got an unclassifiable album;many bands play some kind of Metal or rock and has a major influence, however TOSHES basically started to play and throw all genre out the windows. TOSHES new album “We Are Other People” like many albums that are Self-Released  was made possible by using the internet to crowd fund; I also find band that use crowed founding to be very brave , it's not easy going to rely on people you didn't meet.

So after all the babbling, lets took about the music, I said that TOSHES can't be categorized and I do mean it, however i can say that Psychedelic motive is very strong, however other motives are also evident, like Reggae (yes i do mean Reggae). "Snakes Orgy" can be a good example, but let’s start from the start. "Helltrip" can be only explained as a Psychedelic trip through Stoner-fuelled, British rock , all infused with a bit of British punk . Yes it's all in there, I can say that the moment the songs finished playing i was thinking “What?”, “Why?” and “Wow” all at once.

That’s the jist of the album, which can't be explained other than through listening. These guys go on stage with all instruments painted in green. Do them a favour: go to the trip of TOSHES, believe me the moment you get to "Smoker Man", the last and amazing track of stoner, hard rock and amazing vocals, you will probably start all over again, I know I did.

So… TOSHES, thank you for the psychedelic trip, I understand you guys and I'm sure that all who listen to the album will too.

Yet a new album to my selection of the best albums of 2014

5 Star Rating

1. Helltrip
2. 11th Floor
3. Cause I'm Alright
4. Other People
5. Insomnia
6. All I Want
7. Numeric Seas
8. Psychosurgery
9. The Pledge
10. Snakes Orgy
11. Slow Down
12. Smoker Man
Jeff Jeff
Record Label: Independent


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