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Total Annihilation - ...On Chains of Doom Award winner

Total Annihilation
...On Chains of Doom
by James Brizuela at 26 February 2020, 4:28 AM

TOTAL ANNIHILIATION is a thrash and death metal band from Switzerland. Originally formed in 2006, they would go on to fixate themselves among the best of thrashers in the game. They return with their new full-length album, “…On Chains of Doom”. TOTAL ANNHILIATION is a very much a name that lends its description to the style of music they play. It is a pure mixture of adrenaline and fierceness. With an unrelenting thrash attack fueled by a death metal undertone, this band brings pure chaos with them.

I appreciate the vocal prowess of Daniel Altwegg. He possesses this sort of black metal-like vocal cadence that cuts like a knife. I think there is a definite balance between the thrash and death metal sound in “Falling Fast”. You are hit on all sides by the heart-pumping sound. The incorporation of the chanting vocal background hits hard as well. There isn’t just all speed and brutality with TOTAL ANNIHILATION, they pull in some doom metal inspired sounds in “Iron Coffin”. The slowing down of the tempo allows you to take in the musicianship of the group. More doom elements follow suit in the track, “Dead Souls”. The instrumental intro showcasing more of the musical prowess of the band. The slower tempo kicks back into high gear while showing off an impressive guitar solo. As the latter half of the album progresses there is a definite change of the sound from a speedy thrash sound, to a more doom inspired death metal sound.

The title track, “…On Chains of Doom”, brings more of that death metal sound. There is also a leaning of a deeper guttural background vocals happening. There are musical surprises peppered throughout the entirely of the album. TOTAL ANNIHILIATION is not all typical thrash and death metal sounds. They throw in some atmospheric and electronic elements like in, “Tunnelratten”.

…On Chains of Doom” is a well accomplished thrash album. The elements of doom and death metal pop in to give the music that much more depth. The incorporation of electronic elements and spoken word snippets help to elevate the albums sound. That coupled with their musicianship makes for a ripper of an album. TOTAL ANNIHILATION is here to stay.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Falling Fast
2. Reborn in Flesh
3. Iron Coffin
4. Dead Souls
5. …On Chains of Doom
6. Experience The Terror
7. Tunnelratten
8. Black Blood
Daniel Altwegg – Vocals
Nicholas Stelz – Guitars
Jürgen Schmid – Guitars
Michael Lautenschläger – Drums
Niggi Denge – Bass
Record Label: Czar of Crickets Productions


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