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Tothem - Tothem - DEMO (CD)

Tothem - DEMO
by Amy La Salla at 04 October 2005, 3:48 PM

Why would you want this Demo? I'll tell you why, the first song (Still), that's why. It comes in, grabs you by the nose and tosses you into kickbutt land. The other songs are still pretty good but none come close to Still. Tothem's best strenghts are the guitarist and Roslen's soulful voice. They aren't signed yet but if their next Demo contains more songs like Still, I will not be surprised if they soon are.
The music is catchy and dynamic, with the guitarwork standing above the rest of it. It is melodic, sweet and has good harmonics. There are solos and when they come they are good, particularly in Still. Roslen (vocals) does her job well, she has a very soulful, melodic voice with good range that can be fairly aggressive. Sometimes Danilo (vocals & guitars) joins in with an okay Death growl but I don't really feel he adds or distracts from the overall effect. She also has an accent and sometimes it is a bit thick. I don't really mind that as many of the best singers are a bit difficult to understand. For a Demo, the production isn't bad but it would be a little rough were it an album.
My favorite song off of Tothem's Demo is Still, which is an incredible song to come up with on a Demo. It alternates between being unusually angry sounding for a ballad and sweetly angelic. Wherever You Are is a sad, eerie tune with a good amount of catchiness. Poisoned Heart is my third favorite despite the fact that it is the heaviest thing on it, which is unusual for me. The lead singer hits some really high notes and here you get the most of the male vocals. The weakest song on here is Angel, occasionally a bit of cool guitar-work will break through its quiet surface but mostly it is a bit dull.
Tothem's melancholy makes for a fun listen, particularly on Still. I am interested to see where they take their music and if their next release has more songs that good on it.

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Wherever You Are
Poisoned Heart
Roslen Bondi - Vocals
Marco Cirilli - Guitar
Danilo Proietti - Guitar & Voice
Riccardo Suriano - Bass
Guilio Molinaro - Drums
Record Label: Self Released


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