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Tourniquet - Onward To Freedom Award winner

Onward To Freedom
by YngwieViking at 21 January 2015, 9:00 PM

If “Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance”, “Psycho Surgery” or 1990’s “Stop the Bleeding” are still respected and even regarded as classic Christian Metal albums by a legion of faithful fans, the new opus “Onward To Freedom” will also put a definitive stamp on TOURNIQUET history!

After the great and recommended “Antiseptic Bloodbath” in 2012 which was the most similar thing to a musical resurrection, indeed “Onward To Freedom” is a new cornerstone in the long convolution of events in the career path of TOURNIQUET, a suffering rocky road who is like the way of the cross .

In fact while TOURNIQUET is still considered as an experimental/unidentified musical object by the mainstream audience and tagged as a Proto-Techno-Thrash Metal band by experts, for the first time a new chapter of psalms is open with the evolution of the band in the revelation of the fact that TOURNIQUET is now more or less Ted Kirkpatrick solo’s outfit…Now it's official!

In fact, beside the multi-instrumentalist talent of Mr Kirkpatrick and the maverick's sound design, the real attraction of this “Onward To Freedom” is the guest list of musicians and singers involved in this project, who reveal an unexpected musical range into the form of a manifesto for artistic freedom and a promise for unlimited horizons.

As always the thematic is deeply introspective and dedicated to our sacred inner faith even if the strength of some militant lyrics are quite provoking (“The Noble Case for Mercy”). In terms of pace the stylistic range is wide, each track is like another stone in the edifice of pure creativity without any restriction of any kind and are symptomatic of this unique spirit: A maniac dedication to specific details, sometimes very representative of the sick mind of his composer (“Virtual Embryo”) .

The title track is by far the most surprising but also the best song, sounding like a cross between STRYPER and ALL THAT REMAINS, and featuring a sublime cameo, on lead guitar and lead vocals by none other than the legendary Michael Sweet (STRYPER/ex BOSTON/SWEET-LYNCH) himself, an epic Melodic Metal with all the sonic signature elements of ISAIAH 53:5 updated by the twisted sense of polyphonic weirdness, the subtle Neo-classically influences are still numerous and jubilant (“Onward to Freedom Prelude”).

The admirable “Let the Wild Just Be Wild” is set on the more traditional Metal mode with a good vocal performance by Gabbie Rae and most of all an amazing lead solo break by the mighty guitar hero Rex Caroll (WHITECROSS/ex FIERCE HEART/ex KING JAMES/THE BLEED/ex EDEN)

The following cuts are performed notably by KING X’s Doug Pinnick (PGP/KXM/THE MOB) on “No Soul”, with great solo spot by Chris Poland (ex MEGADETH/ex DAMN THE MACHINE/OHM), Tony Palacios from GUARDIAN or the iconic Marty Friedman (ex CACOPHONY/ex MEGADETH) but also musicians from TROUBLE or and suprisingly ex/current TOURNIQUET alumni such as Aaron Guerra or singer Luke Easter (“Stereotaxic Atrocities”).

The remaining tracks are ranging from Furious Thrash/Speed Metal (“The Slave Ring”/”If I Had to Do the Killing”), to atmospheric intermezzo (“Animal Crossing at the Rainbow Bridge”), to Prog Metalcore breakdowns (“Drowning in Air”), to heavy gospel with some quirky melodies, to Alternative Rock (“Cage 23”) while the destructured and complex drumming is totally recurrent all over the record!

If the cerebral music is your thing here is an album essential for your collection!

4 Star Rating

1. Onward to Freedom Prelude
2. Onward to Freedom
3. The Slave Ring
4. The Noble Case for Mercy
5. Let the Wild Just Be Wild
6. No Soul
7. If I Had to Do the Killing
8. Virtual Embryo
9. Stereotaxic Atrocities
10. Animal Crossing at the Rainbow Bridge
11. Drowning in Air
12. Cage 23
Ted Kirkpatrick - Drums/Keyboards/Bass
Aaron Guerra - Guitars
Luke Easter - Vocals
Nick Villars - Vocals
Kevin Young - Guest Vocals
Gabbie Rae - Guest Vocals
Blake Suddath - Guest Vocals
Rex Carroll -  Guitar Solo
Doug Pinnick - Guest Vocals
Michael Sweet - Guest Vocals/Lead Guitars
Mattie Montgomery - Guest Vocals
Marty Friedman - Guitar Solo
Chris Poland - Guitar Solo
Bruce Franklin - Guitar Solo
Tony Palacios - Guitar Solo
Record Label: Pathogenic Records


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