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Toxic Holocaust - Chemistry Of Consciousness Award winner

Toxic Holocaust
Chemistry Of Consciousness
by Emily Coulter at 12 November 2013, 1:04 AM

Gravel throated vocals, death metal guitars and thrash metal drums combined with a DIY attitude are what make the sound of TOXIC HOLOCAUST. Formed in 1999 by Joel Grind's love of Punk and Metal, turning into a band with a patch on every thrasher's battle jacket.

Opening track ''Silence'' is a mosh pit starter, this is an obvious favorite for all lovers of Thrash Metal. Face melting solo's by Joel Grind along with his rough lyrics and Nicholas T.Rage's drums just keep on pounding. The song is only 2.13 minutes long but you never want it to stop. ''Awaken the Serpent'' is heavily influenced by Grind's love for Crust / Punk and you can sense it with the 1.39 track length. This pure Crust / Thrash at every point of the song, it just makes you want to start a mosh pit in every room of your house. The best part of the track is that you can Phil Gnaast on the bass guitar. ''Rat Eater'' is for fans of NAPALM DEATH and EXODUS. Grind's raspy vocals are complimented by the distortion used but in parts you can still clearly hear his voice especially when he shouts ''like a rat you're stuck in a cage'' followed by a fast psychedelic solo.

''Salvation Is Waiting'' follows on so easily from the previous track it is as if ''Rat Eater'' never stopped. This has the speed of MUNICIPAL WASTE combined with crust vocals, a mix that is fast, hard and rough. The slow parts in some of the verses is what gives it a special punch what makes it different from the rest of the songs, nothing is boring with TOXIC HOLOCAUST, a pinch of every genre created in their own way. Rage's drumming is consistently fast, his drum fills are his own but feel triggered by a machine; it's hard to believe he can drum that fast in ''Out of the Fire''. Though this is the weakest track of the album it is still amazing, it has a fuzzy distortion in parts where you can really feel the punk roots.

''Acid Fuzz'' has psychedelic, Thrash, Crust Punk and Death Metal all mixed into one epic Metal mixture. Every time a riff or solo it plays it has a distinctive twist to the previous one, its constantly changing it. You cannot predict what's going to happen next and that's what makes TOXIC HOLOCAUST such a good Thrash Metal band, it's all about experimentation and excitement. This song would easily be a sound track to a fight in a bar. Grind opens up ''Deny Your Truth'' by shouting those exact words. This is the most heavily influenced Punk track on the album and you can feel it in the lyrics being shouted. ''Don't believe what you see or trust what they've taught you'' a sample of the punk lyrics written by the group. It seems as if TOXIC HOLOCAUST can play any genre and play it in their own perfect way.

''Mkultra'' talks about a government mind control conspiracy, the lyrics fit right into the thrash theme tune. It opens with a distorted thrash guitar tone built up even more by the fast paced drumming; the vocals are more death like but with a heavy Punk mix to fit in with the anarchist vibe. Grind's vocals are slightly reminiscent of Dead's from MAYHEM but made to fit into a crust thrash mix. ''I Serve'' is one big build up, constantly getting higher guitar tones in every riff by Grind, Rage's drums are simplistic generic thrash drumming but it's exactly what the track needs. No thrills or anything special just loud and fast drum fills to accompany the dark and dramatic guitar. ''When all is said and done I serve death'' is one part of the lyrics, simple but Grind makes it a statement of fact.

TOXIC HOLOCAUST carries on with the simplistic drumming but the guitars are constantly changing. You can't really figure out what genres have been filtered into the track cause there are so many, are the guitars Djent, Thrash or Death? Who knows, the only thing what you can be sure of is the band can take anything and create it into their own style. By far the heaviest track on the album, TOXIC HOLOCAUST have obviously saved the best song till last. ''Chemistry of Consciousness'' this is pure thrash metal, every Metalhead's perfect song to head bang to. Grind spits out the lyrics fast to keep up with stupidly fast guitar chords constantly changing with Gnaast's bass playing. Rage has rid of the simplistic drums and gone into full speed for this song.

TOXIC HOLOCAUST made a perfect album, they've combined every genre they love and turned into an extreme Metal mix tape. Though the album has weak points, which every album does ''Chemistry of Consciousness'' is flawless in its own right. Joel Grind, Phil Gnaast and Nicholas T. Rage are a trio of men who know how to make great Metal.

5 Star Rating

1. Silence
2. Awaken The Serpent
3. Rat Eater
4. Salvation Is Waiting
5. Out Of The Fire
6. Acid Fuzz
7. Deny The Truth
8. Mkultra
9. I Serve..
10. International Conspiracy
11. Chemistry Of Consciousness
Joel Grind – Vocals / Guitar
Phil Gnaast - Bass
Nicholas T. Rage - Drums
Record Label: Relapse Records


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