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Toxic Holocaust - Primal Future: 2019 Award winner

Toxic Holocaust
Primal Future: 2019
by Craig Rider at 16 December 2019, 5:29 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: TOXIC fooking HOLOCAUST; signed via eOne records, hailing from the United States Of America - performing Speed/Thrash/Black Metal, on the 6th album entitled: "Primal Future: 2019" (released October 4th, 2019).

Since formation in 1999; mastermind soloist Joel Grind has delivered 5 classic albums, masterpieces of one-man mayhem & intricately designed formulas of heavy-hitting Speed/Thrash/Black Metal amalgamations. 10 tracks ranging at around 39:23; TOXIC HOLOCAUST have certainly made a reputation for himself, from the paranormal cult classic debut album: "Evil Never Dies"; to the metallic crucifixtion of "Hell On Earth", onward marching onto the endless armageddon of "An Overdose Of Death…"; until the "Conjure And Command" sounds the charge with a first attempt at a full band, well…trio…bringing in Phil Gnaast on bass/backing vocals & Nikki Bellmore on drums until the rat eater shakes up the acid fuzz in the international conspiracy of "Chemistry Of Consciousness" - all killer records that solidified speedy thrash metal with a blackened formulaic. The latter came out in 2013; 7 years without any new material, until October 4th, 2019 unleashed the most anticipated album of the year: "Primal Future: 2019". The previous record took me some time to grow on me, but eventually it became one of my most replayable record in the yellowgoat's repertoire…does the new studio recording represent a similar simulation? Let's find out…

The salvo single: "Chemical Warlords" begins the new trek; conveying amplified adrenaline, boistrously bouncy flamboyancy & an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting crusty grooves that chug & gallop with a barraged frenzy of potent vibrancy & quirky snappiness. Joel Grind's signature snarls bark into a gnarly fabrication of rawly rough raspiness, showcasing punky jumpiness that juxtaposes with his trademark riffs & sonically seamless solos that manifests a maturely punchline melody. The incredibly catchy "Black Out The Code" implements infectious audibility of crisp bass frolicking that ultilizes thumpy versatilities, revolved with meticulously maximum vehemence & razor-sharp rhythms which thunder like a bulldozing blast of belligerently primitive warfare – pulsating with profusely robust virtuosity & quintessential momentum.

"New World Beyond" adroitly attributes an articulate slab of sludgy yet slimey raucousness; relentlessly stampeding with monstrously meaty pandemonium, meaty mayhem & organically nimble substance with rapidly swift clunkiness. Creating a dynamically detailed doses of dextrous harmonies, hybrid dimensions & complex firepower in which wonders with prodegiously experimental embellishments of neckbreaking thrash with throaty vocals that rumble with wildly rushing stability. "Deafened By The Roar" is a 1:30s shredder with ripping aesthetics; blistering with scattering, trailblazing aggression. While "Time's Edge" subtly displays an occassional twin-guitar element; fuelled into a dizzying whirlwind of riveting melodies that ramp up with pumping overarches of oozing melodic tempos make an unprecedented pattern change, flowing with oppression & killer lacerations.

The titular track: "Primal Future" romps up with clapping blitzkreig; bombarding eardrums with bombastic drum pedalling, surging into a riff that almost sounds like an outtake from "The Lord Of The Wasteland" if you listen close enough. Forging fuzzy distortion, energetic effectiveness & while rocketing with brisk haste. "Iron Cage" enforces eccentric outrès of prolific outbursts; juxtaposed with jumpy, slick subsides that rolls with uproarious skill. Balancing impactful; Crossover Thrash with traditional, revving pace - fastened into a fashionable grip of industrial vibes within the next crusher "Controlled By Fear". "Afrermath" distils more jarring disputes of engaging rebellion; scampering with smothering thickness, tight throbs & salubriously subjugating shreiks that strum with screeching velocity.

Overall concluding "Primal Future: 2019" with the enjoyably entertaining finale called: "Cybernetic War"; with its unrelenting, uncompromising plunks of pounding percussion & persistent perseverence of promising pursuits that shines with remarkably splendid talent - Joel Grind still remains to be a consistent forerunner of one-man prominence, that alone compells me to say that this TOXIC HOLOCAUST release certainly delivered a fabulously disastrous attack for old-school & modern fans of these sub-genres indefinitely. A succulent salvo that all metal maniacs will want to discover – utterly savage and brilliant…it may not be the previous onslaughts, however…for a single musician performing all this alone, deserves a bunch of credit from me. Excellent stuff, Mr. Grind; I salute you once more!

Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Chemical Warlords
2. Black Out the Code
3. New World Beyond
4. Deafened by the Roar
5. Time's Edge
6. Primal Future
7. Iron Cage
8. Controlled by Fear
9. Aftermath
10. Cybernetic War
Joel Grind - Everything
Record Label: eOne


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