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Toxic Ruin – Nightmare Eclipse Award winner

Toxic Ruin
Nightmare Eclipse
by Will Travers at 19 October 2021, 3:17 PM

The American Thrash quartet, TOXIC RUIN, are back with another full length album in the form of “Nightmare Eclipse”. The 8 track album has five year drought since their last full length release, with only spatterings in the shape of an EP and a couple singles in the interim period. The album artwork plays straight into the title, it is nightmarish, it is bold and it is certainly eye catching.

Opening the album is “Until Everything Is Gone”, it fades in from humble beginnings into a full frontal aural assault. With intense rhythms and riffs intertwining with Stephen’s aggressive vocals, the opening track has left me intrigued to see what is to follow. “Ritual Rebirth” just flows seamlessly into life and is a continuation of the aggression and intensity, but that should not be misinterpreted as not being its own track in its own right.

“Voices Of Death” takes things to a slightly different sound. It was bold and, in your face, some short sharp sections, beautiful flowing guitar runs but most of all that fantastic blend of Death and Thrash that really are hitting all of the right notes with me.

Hold the phone. “It Of The Horrid Storm”. What just happened!?! Seven minutes of sheer musical mastery. I was absolutely enamoured with this track; given what has come prior it completely took me by surprise and to be honest, I’m slightly at a loss for what to say about it other than you absolutely NEED to hear this track.

Whilst that slight interlude was very welcome interlude and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed time and time again, it was a short lived respite from the total onslaught of Thrash Metal that is TOXIC RUIN. “Divine Acclimation” and “Liquor Blood Bound” immersed me as a listener in layer after layer of breathless, intense and most of all fantastic music that left me impatient to hear the finale. Anyone who regularly reads my reviews knows that it is my firm belief that the strength of any album can be measured by the final track. So without further ado, “Nightmare Eclipse” is not your typical Thrash track, but that being said this is not your typical thrash album. It hits really hard, follows a pounding and devastating beat that just drives it to a fantastic and solid finish.

Overall, the record is solid and a fine showing from the Death Thrash boys across the pond. Everyone involved with this should hold their heads high and be massively proud of what they have achieved with this record. Well done.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Until Everything Is Gone
2. Ritual Rebirth
3. Defiler
4. Voices Of Death
5. It Of The Horrid Storm
6. Divine Acclimation
7. Liquor Blood Bound
8. Nightmare Eclipse
9. Lord Of Pandemonium (Bonus Track)
Stephen Behrendt – Vocals / Bass
Jacob Banek – Lead Guitar
Blake Toltzmann – Rhythm Guitar
David Miller – Drums 
Record Label: M-Theory Records


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