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Toxoid - Aurora Satanae

Aurora Satanae
by Daniel Fox at 03 January 2015, 5:29 PM

A surprising as it might be to hear, India actually has quite a rich metal scene, with a penchant for the Extreme and the Heavy. New Delhi Black Metallers TOXOID are of the more recent to appear; unlike the Symphonic and bombastic COSMIC INFUSION of similar notability, TOXOID play a primordial and raw form of Black Metal that harkens back to the day of GORGOROTH and SATANIC WARMASTER. Naturally, this of course carries with it the genre's production values, or lack thereof. Overall, "Aurora Satanae" is extremely trebly, and emphasises the higher registers; remind yourself of IMMORTAL's "Damned In Black"; reimagine it recorded in a homemade wind-tunnel.

The opening track, "Baphomet Enraged", is one of the faster-paced, more aggressive tracks on the album, and could be the album's greatest achievement if it weren't so ill-conceived in the 'studio'. For whatever reason, the bass-presence in this track is almost non-existent, save for a faint humming that can sometimes be heard in the background; on some of the other tracks, this isn't really an issue. Why the production is that inconsistent, I have no idea. Regardless, the band certainly possesses the chops, and know how to convey grimness; perhaps that can be owed to the album's production.

"Demon Lust" takes the cake; I would even go as far to describe it as 'moving', if a Black Metal track could evoke such emotions. Well-constructed, it verges on majestic, but reassures you that the imagery that evokes is anything but. There are, however, still a few moments along the way, where any presence of bass seems to be non-existent. The title track is easily the best piece on display here, a frantic vortex of pounding riffs, frantic blastbeats and fast-spun melodies that stretch and spin you into a singularity.

As far as sound goes, it is one of the worst-produced Black Metal albums I’ve ever heard, though I know some people are of a proclivity to take that as a compliment. That aside, I totally recommend it.

3 Star Rating

1. Baphomet Enraged
2. Feed My Wrath
3. Demon Lust
4. Mystical Misanthropic Doctrine
5. Aurora Satanae
6. Thy Infernal Defloration
Adnan Khan - Guitar, Vocals
Sagar Sidhanti - Drums
Paul Marandi - Bass
Angad Singh - Guitar
Record Label: Transcending Obscurity


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