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Träumen Von Aurora – Aurora Award winner

Träumen Von Aurora
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 14 July 2022, 2:55 PM

With "Luna" and "Aurora,” TRAUMEN VON AURORA release their third and fourth album as complementary works. They shine in finding a balance between melodicism and heaviness by combining Black Metal and Post-Rock: Guitar tremolos, blast beats and harsh vocals alternate with clean guitars, sidestick drumming and whispers, each accentuated by catchy piano melodies or spherical string harmonies. Added to this are progressive elements such as unusual time signatures and rhythms. In a way, the two albums can be pictured as Yin and Yang: While "Luna" plays in winter and tries to develop more hopeful lyrical and musical moods out of a melancholic atmosphere, spring announces itself on "Aurora,” but not without memories of frost and dreariness.

“aurora 1” opens the album. The announcement of spring is one of wonder. The snow begins to melt, and flowers bud. A warm breeze fills the air, as beautiful melodies develop here so strong, they threaten to take your breath away. “gram and verve” features a juxtaposition between clean guitars and harsh vocals. The fervor picks up while the melodies stay capable in the background. The complexities of this song are noteworthy, but the music remains so accessible. This is a very difficult thing to accomplish in music. “aurora II” brings more delicate and charming melodies back to the forefront of the album. You forget about any worries you might have had on your mind while entering into this entrancing song. Just let it stream, with all the blessings of a warm breeze. It just makes you feel alive, and empowered.

“epiphanie” is another robust and tenacious sound that dispatches tightly woven instrumental sections with equally study melodies. Piano notes spring up like buds on the trees and flowers in the ground, while old man winter refuses to let go. He huffs and puffs and reminds you that he is still in charge for a little while longer. “essenz der wildnis” is as much of an exercise in musicianship as it is in songwriting. These guys have been putting on a dazzling display of both on the album so far. The screams intensify just enough to raise your blood pressure, then back off again. They hold your suspense throughout, just long enough to create some tension in the song. As it slowly dies off, so do the signs of spring, for now. The epic “… kann eines lichtes flackern trüben” wraps things up. How do you top off an album with a 15-minute opus? Just like this. Throw everything into the soup and see how the flavors will naturally just come together. Hardened passages segue effortlessly into melodies so bright, they could burn forever. In the end, old man winter is finally sent back to his cave to hibernate, and all of the sights, smells, and feels of spring are here for good. Hope spring eternal, as the saying goes.

What else can I possibly say about the potency and sheer unabashed artistry of these two albums. Taken together, they do indeed present a tale of Yin and Yang, with two distinctive avenues that are separate, yet locked together in way that you can’t possibly get in between them. This second offering is indeed more melodic than the first, as spring brings more hope than winter. Consummate musicianship, and experienced songwriting are required to pull something off that is this ambitious, and they do, through what I am sure was a lot of hard work and dedication to their craft. I am awe-struck at how perfectly this was all put together.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. aurora I
2. gram und verve
3. aurora II
4. epiphanie
5. essenz der wildnis
6. … kann eines lichtes flackern trüben
Patrick Wunsch – Vocals
Marek Peperkorn – Guitars
Matthias Schäfers – Keyboards
Alexander Häger – Bass, Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Trollzorn


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