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Tragik - Path of Destruction Award winner

Path of Destruction
by Logan Roach at 09 April 2015, 3:22 AM

For a lot of people, Heavy Metal is still instantly associated with the 1980s. TRAGIK brings forth an album to back such a claim with their fifth installment, "Path of Destruction". There are just so many excellent elements present on this album paying tribute to the greats such as DOKKEN, GUNS 'N' ROSES, THE SCORPIONS, DIO, WHITESNAKE, and I even picked up on traces of the likes of THE BEATLES and even some 1990s influence! All of the ingredients in Phil Vincent's "recipe" are perfectly weighed, measured and mixed in each and every track!   The first track, "Look at Me Now" begins with a powerful riff packed full of vintage 80s tone. Then the track progresses into a more mellow direction with a slight tempo drop. It is full of both catchy chorus phrases and verses - definitely a great sing-along!

The next few tracks are just as easy to nod your head, snap your fingers or sing along to as well. Each track to this point also has classic-styled, fast-pace and melodic solos synonymous with the early days of Heavy Metal! None of them really leave you with a desire to press the skip button either. The albums fast-forwards from the 80s into some 90s territory with the track, "Reflections (Walk Away)". As a matter of fact, in terms of music, this seemed to be a much smoother and essentially better transition from one decade to another in and of itself! So if you're not listening to this album already by now, you're really missing out on a real treat!

Phil Vincent even included a nearly 17 minute long track, "Lake of Tears" on "Path of Destruction". This track definitely covered all bases in terms of what makes for an authentic tribute to the time this album sounds like it came from. The length of the track alone pushes into Prog areas, but there are also plenty of Blues-based Rock 'n' Roll elements we are all accustomed to as well- the ones that shine through in virtually every style of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. That also adds to the thoughts and feelings that most likely come to mind upon seeing the title of this track. I felt it was meant to be a great release for stresses and worries of not only the "daily grind" but also life in general. That applies to all 9 tracks on this album if you really listen closely. From the lyrics to the musicianship, this album is a soulful album that anyone could thoroughly enjoy. Need more be said?

5 Star Rating

1. Look at Me Now
2. The Last to Know
3. All the Time in the World
4. What a Fool I've Been
5. Reflections (Walk Away)
6. Lake of Tears
7. Destination Unknown
8. Right By My Side
9. Thank You
Phil Vincent - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums
Damian D'Ercole - Guitars
Dirk Phillips - Drums, Percussion
Vince O'Regan - Lead Guitar
Eric Ragno - Keyboards on "Look at Me Now"
Record Label: Independent


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