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Tragos - Radix Mendosus

Radix Mendosus
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 08 September 2022, 3:03 PM

Some releases carry a strange feature: that the band came out of the studio earlier than needed. It’s because the work isn’t bad at all, but the needed maturity of the music isn’t present. And some bands loose the opportunity due the lack of money to make things in a better way (to hire a producer isn’t cheap, you know), or due to the hurry. And the French trio TRAGOS is in such a way, as heard on “Radix Mendosus”, the band’s first release.

The album shows a form of Death Metal rich on Thrash Metal-like influences and arrangements (especially on the guitars), with many good subjective melodies appearing in many moments (as on “Pathopithecus” and “Devius Doxa”). But the band’s music seems extremely ‘raw’, as they came earlier than their music needed to mature. Obviously it’s full of energy and it has a strong personality on it, but they need evolve a bit more to be in the right point, because they’re still plastered on models already used and eroded. Potential to be great they have, but they need to use it! Maybe the greatest sin lies on the production. The sonority really seems hollow and with instrumental tunes that are dry and hollow, what to Death Metal is a sin. It lacks the brutality and aggressiveness of the genre, because things seem too “mechanical’.

In their music, some very good ideas can be heard on songs as “Radix Mendosus” (very good and technical parts, with bass guitar tunes listenable and not hidden on the mix), “Dusk Inexora” (another technical song filled with Thrash Metal hooks, with some subjective melodies arising from the guitar riffs), “Devius Doxa” (some Death/Thrash-like moments can be heard in the middle of the brutality, with good vocals), “Ater Continum” (the slow paced tempos is always a good choice, and they know how to use the, with very good hooks again), and “Unto Denial”. But the edges must be sharpened a bit more. TRAGOS isn’t a bad band, and that’s not the matter. But if they want to have a career, they must improve a lot, because “Radix Mendosus” shows another Death Metal act as many others.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Radix Mendosus
2. Dusk Inexora
3. Pathopithecus
4. Devius Doxa
5. Praecipuos
6. Ater Continum
7. Unto Denial
8. Melostriatum
Antoine - Vocals
Cédric - Guitars
François - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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