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Trail Of Blood - Closer To God Award winner

Trail Of Blood
Closer To God
by Barry Valentine at 21 September 2020, 4:44 PM

 Here we begin to follow the Trail In Blood” down the rabbit hole to a parallel universe between trash and death. A melodic thrash metal band flirting on the line of death metal from Parchim, Germany. Earliest recordings can be traced back to their first ep in 2008 self titled “Trail In Blood” and “Dead Again” in 2010 after making a few changes in band members to find the crew we have today. “These metal heads put the sound of their heroes together, and generated that melodic bastard between thrash and death metal” are back with their new release “Closer To God”. It’s an intense album from start to finish with, and every bit of what the band is known for.

The album starts of with The Great Equesterinne” a classic thrash riff, and tempo with a hammering percussion to match. The song is well wrote, performed beautifully and the lyrics on point! The breakdown going into the solo, and the solo itself is outstanding, and the composition of the song as a whole is badass! The second song I, Abyss” starts off with a nice riff before they hit the gas on the speed. A very memorable chord, pounding bass drums, and crisp clean lyrics. Another badass solo, melodic chorus, and all out great song.

The final song i have to talk about is Shedding Ov A God”! This is the first song they made a video too, and i believe I know why. This is an amazing song, by far the best on the album, and my favorite. After a sight intro of just back ground noise we get the four count from the drums before sliding into a badass trash groove. Another well wrote, composed song with everything a metal head will love. A plethora of trash, and death metal with a furious tone of heavy guitars, slamming drums, from the gut vocals.  A bang your head song, and you’ll want to mosh in your livingroom with careless regard of who, or what your smashing.

Overall This album was a well done, well performed, and well composed. It was a pleasure listening to it, and it’s been on repeat for the last two hours. Only six tracks long, and I wished for more. The best part about this job is being introduced to new music i normally wouldn’t even know existed, and now I can tell all my friends. The production was great, the sound quality was amazing, even though they were from the gut screamed vocals they were crisp and clear. A outstanding album, and a must get.

Songwriting 9
Musicianship 9
Memorability 9
Production 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Great Equesterinne
2. I, The Abyss
3. Jessaja 14 12
4. Lunarrpryest
5. Shedding Ov A God
6. Until The Light Takes Us All
Florian Ewert - Guitars/Vocals
Jörg Streuber - Guitars/Vocals
Tobias Foedisch - Bass/Vocals
Andy Hermann - Drums

Record Label: Kernkrafttritter Records


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Edited 03 February 2023

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