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Trail Of Murder - Shades Of Art Award winner

Trail Of Murder
Shades Of Art
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 13 December 2012, 7:27 PM

Every type of musical project is a process. Starting a band along with peers from recent other involvements is an amazing venture to be a part of. I can’t say that from personal experience as a lone founder of his own band, but I am sure that it’s only for the benefit of the musicians sharing their ideas to come out with the best of their joint efforts and minds. Same has been with the Swedish band TRAIL OF MURDER that was patched up by three partners, vocalist Urban Breed, guitarist Daniel Olsson and bassist Pelle Åkerlind, that took point together in high flying bands as TAD MOROSE and BLOODBOUND only to conjure with a mutual goal to start something that would knock people out, of course in the best Metallic way possible. “Shades Of Art”, the band’s debut release signed to the Metal Heaven, is the fruit of their loins, one of the shining beacons spread far in the modern Heavy Metal darkness produced with a top notch quality. Walking down the paths of their older groups along with the heaviness of DREAM EVIL, melodic nature of IRON MAIDEN and the ominous atmosphere of EVERGREY, “Shades Of Art” turned out to be one of the furthermost Heavy Metal albums of late displaying the old 80s touch reframed with contemporary means and modulations.

For almost an hour I was strapped to my seat barely being able to move as the lower end of my jaw nearly scratched the desk where my computer keyboard lies. Well I might exaggerated there but it was just a simple metaphor to show that I found another contender for the album of the year award for 2012, and surely a standout release to be added to the top 10 list for sure. You probably figured that I am a Heavy Metal fan, and I can’t say that I kept it a secret from you boys and girls, yet, even Heavy Metal bands here and there can suck ass but happily not a band like TRAIL OF MURDER that through this here debut was able to collaborate a flowing type of material along with great musical technique that conveyed diverse vocalic action, mesmerising crunchy and heavy riffs, clouting solo section, beautiful twin guitar harmonies as once produced in the old days and utterly tight rhythm section that fulfilled its responsibilities with superiority. So what is there more for a Metalhead to ask for?

It is even hard for me to actually give you accurate pointers for which track to check out. Furthermore, I think that I would ruin your pleasures if I did, therefore I would only give you the album’s two tips, the opening “Shades Of Art” and the closing “My Heart Still Cries”. As for the rest, discover those on your own. In overall, I nearly liked every track on this magnificent tracklist. “I Know Shadows”was the only track that didn’t impress me as well as the others, and the rest were also divided into better and highly exciting songs, but I can guarantee that given the chance, this album will take you into exhilarating paths of great Heavy Metal prowess. TRAIL OF MURDER was well produced and consists of great musicians highly inspired to put out the best melodic Heavy Metal set in stone. “Shades Of Art” nurtures the human condition as a multi dimensional entity, sounds intriguing but I believe that the music entices this theme even more.

4 Star Rating

1. Shades of Art
2. Carnivore
3. Lady Don't Answer
4. Mab
5. I Know Shadows
6. Your Silence
7. Higher
8. The Song You Never Sang
9. Nightmares I Stole
10. Child of Darkest Night
11. Some Stand Alone
12. My Heart Still Cries 
Urban Breed– Vocals
Daniel Olsson– Guitars
Pelle Åkerlind– Drums
Hasse Eismar– Guitars
Johan Bergkvist- Bass
Record Label: Metal Heaven


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