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Trainwreck Architect - Traits Of The Sick

Trainwreck Architect
Traits Of The Sick
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 17 October 2013, 7:55 PM

First let me say that in a metal milieu of mindless inane names it is refreshing to discover a band that can come up with a clever, catchy, and memorable name. Montreal's wreck n' roll Metal band TRAINWRECK ARCHITECT is just that, and the cover album artwork is right in your face too. So the question is does the music hold up?

Apparently, Jeff Waters of ANNIHILATOR seems to think so, as he has mastered their forthcoming debut. All aboard, because the trained constructions of “Dream Pariah” are conducted to literally chug on like a locomotive burning off the tracks…all aboard this crazy train!

I hear a variety of influences in the music, and three bands which clearly come to mind are '90s era ANTHRAX, ARMORED SAINT, and DEATH ANGEL. This is simply because singer Simon seriously emulates John Bush and Mark Osgueda. In fact, I recently pulled out my copy of “Delerious Nomad” to play on a mere whim, and when I heard this album on my IPod, I noticed several similarities.

Although, newer material by all three artists evidently seem to touch more of the motivation behind this effort. That being said, I am still convinced that the band had to be playing “Delerious” at some point, and here is more serendipity for you. I just found out that Heaven & Hell Records have the Rock Candy Re-master now available of this classic release.

Right out the starting gate, heading straight to the third floor, with the RUSH inspired bass tones of Eric excerpts on the “Comatose Era” intro, the “Culprit” is unleashed. Then these engineers of art and texture find a good day to hit it hard with ”Die Like A Legend” as it penetrates with vicarious vengeance. Then these rough drivers hate and ensure that “The Doors Slam Shut” right in your face, as you feel compelled to sign a truce.

I find that this band hold more promise and indeed have more potential than their witty nom de plume or affective appellative appear to assuage. The sonic science and relentless retribution of “Deadbeat Beatdown” or the more twisted into form “Rabid Psychotic Relapse” which channels THE ORGANIZATION or SWARM or  the rather forgotten and forbidden “Green” more than D.A. sees to the sickness, and unlocks the forbidden doors.

There are some more modern rocks elements present which I do not find fit the tone or style; especially, when I hear hints of POP EVIL, NICKELBACK, and FOZZY. Honestly, I prefer the more straightforward thrash antics, and punk and belligerent mayhem making. Raza and Renaud trade sick riffs, and wreck your neck, while Simon enjoys a touch of the infectious grooves that acts like MINDFUNK or MORDRED once articulated with extreme unction.

The band includes SKID ROW, SABBATH, and MUNICIPAL WASTE as influences. Maybe lyrically these youth have gone wild, and the art of partying is their business, and perhaps Geezer's poetry has tied them to the tracks, forever bound to purgatory, but overall the T.A. style is not driven by these spikes. Jeff has kept the ANNIHILATOR overtones down to a bare minimum, as well. This album has far more in common with the D.I.Y drive of the latest SOOTHSAYER, than it does with the phenomenal “Feast”.

Employing three reworked tracks from their demo which is available at:

For fans to hear, overall, for a debut this is not a musical train wreck, rather it is a pure primal architect of aggression. Please continue to knock us out and feed us those sweating bullets.

3 Star Rating

1. Comatose Era (Introduction)
2. The Culprit
3. Die Like a Legend
4. The Doors Slam Shut
5. Deadbeat Beatdown
6. Rabid Psychotic Relapse
7. As Killers Breathe
8. Dream Pariah
9. The Narcissist
10. Feed Them Bullets
Simon Ouellet – Vocals
Renaud Baril - Guitars
Raza Ali Khan - Guitars
Eric Litinas – Bass
Marc-Antoine Blackburn – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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