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Trajeto de Cabra – Supreme Command of Satanic Will

Trajeto de Cabra
Supreme Command of Satanic Will
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 10 December 2019, 11:09 PM

This is the Canadian’s first full-length release, following the 2013 demo, Antichrist Dominum also released on Iron Bonehead Productions. TRAJETO DE CABRA also appeared on a split in 2013 alongside SACROCURSE. Their about section on Facebook just says the word EVIL, and the Lyrical theme suggested by Metal Archives is Satanism, so I guess we can all guess where this is going. I hope that it is a good place for sound

In Fear of Saturn” starts with the raw mix of heavy drums, distorted guitars and bass, and the vocals that cannot be understood. There is some actual guitar play in places that can be appreciated, unfortunately, it does not last long and the rest of the supposed melody does not keep the balance smooth. The tempo is up and down in places to match the overall sound, but the quality, overall is poor. “The Final Gate” Starts off better, we can hear the guitar buildup, drums aren’t overpowering. So far so good. The buildup is still distorted somewhat, but it is not bad. Vocals, well I think it is that horribly stereotypical “Black Metal Vocals” that have come in. No idea why people think Black Metal is just distorted vocals; do we just blame BURZUM for this? The sound is a cheap effect.  I cannot work out what it is they are going for. Zero harmonic melody.

Cursed Graves of the Unanointed” before this song is played, I have an idea of where this going. Distorted instrumental and bleak vocal growls. Please let me be wrong. Drum beat that actually sounds in tune, not bad. Guitar with that stupid distortion still there, but could look passed it. Still sounds very tinny. Then the vocals… damn it. They somehow make the song seem dimmer and create a bleakness. If that’s what they went for then well done. There is so much better melodic play when the vocals aren’t in, makes this song semi-decent. “Scythe of Pestillence” has an eerie sample start, bringing on more like a Funeral Doom song. The pace and tempo have been taken away altogether. The vocals are more like a spoken word, which makes them pointless. You could have this as an instrumental, would work as an intro or outro maybe.

Supreme Command of Satanic Will” has a screeching start, regaining the speed sorely missed in “Scythe of Pestillence”. The distortion is still there, which makes the song feel the same as every other from a vocal perspective. The instrumental side of the game has improved, but the balance is off far too much in the overall sound to be able to really appreciate the talent. What this would sound like with a higher pitched vocal approach would do it wonders.

Blackened Hands of the Impure” sounds no different to many other of these songs and as the album is winding down we’d like to hear some new styles. Its more the vocals that let it down as the melody is almost in place from the instrumental aspect. What I can't understand is how all play their instruments well but they let themselves down on vocals.

Heretic Terrorist” `is the same basic structure, but slowed down somewhat which allows a balance to form in the instrumental aspect, it’s a little less tinny, but not enough for me to want this album to go any further.

It’s another album that helps those people’s theories that Black Metal is just noise.

Songwriting: 3
Musicianship: 4
Memorability: 3
Production: 2

1 Star Rating

1. In Fear of Saturn
2. The Final Gate
3. Cursed Graves of the Unanointed
4. Scythe of Pestillence
5. Supreme Command of Satanic Will
6. Blackened Hands of the Impure
7. Heretic Terrorist
David Nasz aka Goat Plague Messiah – Guitars & Vocals
Defiler of Blessed Wombs – Bass Guitar & Vocals
David LeGallee aka Perverser of Unholy Disorder – Guitars & Vocals
Darrell Sharpe aka Blood Lust Abominator of Ritual War Incantations – Drums &Vocals
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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