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Tramortiria - Wrath Of The Dead

Wrath Of The Dead
by Karila “Femme Metale” Shannis at 12 April 2012, 3:01 PM

Think back to your childhood memories of playing in the park. Ever had the experience of trying to climb up the slide only to find yourself hopelessly slipping back down to the bottom? This was the tiresome journey I undertook when listening to TRAMORTIRIA’s album “Wrath Among the Dead”.  When I’m about to listen to a band that classifies itself as Thrash Metal, I am already beginning to anticipate the heart-pounding, head-banging adrenaline rush of bands such as OVERKILL or MUNICIPAL WASTE. In this regard, the album was a bit of a letdown.  However, I will not completely deter you from this album because a listener who is a true lover of Heavy Metal will be able to appreciate the wonderful levels of musicianship that have gone into creating this album.

While it can hardly be described as a true Thrash band, TRAMORTIRIA is made up of dedicated musicians who successfully compile several different elements that are familiar to various Metal genres.  On the fourth track “Morrow”, drummer Simone Bosi produces fiery and unstoppable blast beats familiar to Black Metal that would jump start any human heart in a millisecond. The compelling duality of Tony DeMarco’s vocals is constantly showcased, whether demonstrating his gentle side on “Face to Face” or confronting listeners with raspy growls in “World of Fashion”. And Fabio Cantone’s fingers of steel create heavy and punishing riffs that resonate throughout the entirety of the album.

There are two major problems I had while listening to this album. Problem #1: TRAMORTIRIA cannot call itself a Thrash band when 90% of their songs are filled to the brim with slow to mid-tempo riffs that familiarize themselves in your brain within the first ten minutes but, like your in-laws, never seem to go away even when you really could use a break.  When you initially find your groove in the beginning tracks, “Dust” and “1936”, you may enjoy yourself in anticipation preparing for something more dynamic. You’ll have a hard time finding anything remotely thrash-worthy until “World of Fashion”, undoubtedly my favorite track off the album. While it is probably the most fast-paced and the track most related to old-school Thrash that you will find, this track provides only minor reparation for the monotony of heavy compelling riffs that will imprint themselves on your ears.  Problem #2:  While I have never been a bass guitarist, I could tell that Paul Medina’s bass lines were incredibly under looked. A greater inclusion of Medina may have broken some of the monotony of the aforementioned guitar riffs and most likely would’ve added a little more vitality to the album as a whole.

A minor problem as well was trying to figure out the creative direction in which we were headed.  If you can somehow sensibly connect “Bad News, Good Stuff” to any other track on this album, I will give you a cookie.  A very delicious one.  Because it is a mystery that I have yet to solve. I appreciate the musicianship that went behind TRAMORTIRIA’s “Wrath Among the Dead”.  However, I listened to the entire album in anticipation for a kick-ass thrash piece and never received it.  The level of disappointment I experienced, as well as the wearing down of punishing guitar riffs and the prevalence of monotony, led to a lower rating than I would have liked.  But now that you know what to expect, I anticipate that this may lead to you to a greater appreciation for the album as yet another product of the wonderful world of pure, unadulterated Heavy Metal.

2 Star Rating

1. Dust
2. 1936
3. Earth Attack
4. World of Fashion
5. Morrow
6. Face to Face
7. Deep Forest Night
8. Blood Buster
9. Bad News, Good Stuff
10. Scoop!
11. Enigma
Tony DeMarco - Vocals / Guitar
Simone Bosi- Drums
Fabio Cantone - Guitar
Paul Medina - Bass
Record Label: SG Records


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