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Transcending Bizarre? - The Serpent's Manifolds (CD)

Transcending Bizarre?
The Serpent's Manifolds
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 10 June 2008, 1:04 PM

Due to various reasons - that I still haven't understood - I never managed to listen to any music by this band, until now… I have heard only good things about TRANSCENDING BIZARRE? and their new album The Serpent's Manifolds comes to prove the words of people that praise the band for its sick and twisted sound. I am damn sure that if your worst nightmares had a soundtrack, the one responsible for it would be this band.

These metallers hail from Thessaloniki, Greece, and they have managed to amaze both the press and the Metal fans with their incredible debut album The Four Scissors (2003), an album that unfortunately came out on a small label with no major promotional campaign and did not make the band as known as it should be in my humble opinion. The band decided to leave its label and from what I realized make something on its own, since Dissonart Productions is something like a union between some musicians. Please correct if I am wrong and I didn't understand something clearly.

So, the Greek metallers hit back with their sophomore full-length effort and I can 100% honestly say that these guys have stretched the boundaries of their country's Metal 'tradition' creating something that smells too cold and insane to be just one more Greek average Metal band. This may sound a bit diminishing towards my country's Metal bands, but unfortunately most bands play music that has been played many times in the past. A few brave try to do something different and TRANSCENDING BIZARRE? are talented enough to do it fucking great!

Who can perfectly describe their music? I believe there are no exact tags that could be put on such a band. I basically think that no tag is strong enough to be able to tame the power and the schizophrenia that TRANSCENDING BIZARRE? have put in their music. Their Norwegian sick Black Metal elements along with the haunting atmosphere that these guys have drawn straight from the high and mighty ARCTURUS make the perfect soundtrack for a Tim Burton movie or the last sounds that accompany you on a really bad dream… Now that the Norwegian avant garde black metallers have left their ice cold throne, I believe that their loyal students will carry the flame until someone worthy appears to carry it.

Do NOT start blackmailing me! I definitely don't compare these guys that just released their second full-length work with a band that has an unimaginable contribution the Metal scene, but I just say that they are good as fuck and you have got to listen to them to believe me. One more thing that made a good impression on me was the really nice production this album has. This goes to some people that believe that there is no fucking way you can get a nice sound in a Greek studio. And for the credits, we are talking about Underground Sound Studio and the production was handled by S.A. Akis and the rest of the band.

4 Star Rating

Dat Rosa Mel Apibus (Intro)
Cosmic Zero Equation
The Serpent's Manifolds
Dimension Hell
Writhing Coils Of Construction
The Music Of The Spheres
The Naveless One
Infinite: I. Manvantara
Infinite: II. Pralaya
Infinite: III. Manvantara 2
Kojak - Vocals
Dim - Guitar
Theoxaris - Guitar
Haris - Bass, Synths
Ioannis - Drums
S.A. Akis - Samples, Synths
Record Label: Dissonart Productions


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