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Transport League – Kaiserschnitt Award winner

Transport League
by Leanne Evans at 21 September 2021, 9:37 AM

First formed in 1994 by ex-B-Thong vocalist Tony Jelencovich, TRANSPORT LEAGUE have graced the metal world with their CLUTCH-meets-CORROSION OF CONFORMITY infused grooves for nearly two decades. With a handful of albums and an EP under their belt, the Swedish quartet have made their mark, with appearances at numerous festivals and playing with the likes of ENTOMBED and KING DIAMOND. Now, continuing their success, the hard-hitting quartet have released their deliciously groove-laden fourth full-length, “Kaiserschnitt” to satisfy our insatiable desire for the heady, heavy and, frankly, hella sexy.

From the catchy, playful sounds of “Atomic”, with a stylistic mix of the bite of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and ooze of CLUTCH, TRANSPORT LEAGUE fire up our souls with deep bass lines, meaty tones and chunky riffs that penetrate. The muckiness of “Criminal Energy” irresistibly grinds with its high-octane drums, dirty bass and gritty vocal projection that effortlessly drips swagger into the cut yet, contrastingly, the darker, more docile, approach to “Me the Cursed” and “Nailsober” give the full-length a dialled down pause, still retaining a rich stoner infused groove that has you thirsting for the next delicious track.

TRANSPORT LEAGUE get the dirty flavours and fire roaring once more with the intoxicating “Titty Coma Status”, with their throb of lascivious riffs and moreish melody that writhes and provocatively pours over you, this one is to be savoured like a fine single malt. Taking that full-frontal approach once more, title-track “Kaiserschnitt” yields a heady PANTERA vibe that impels into the electrifying “March, Kiss, Die”, with soundscapes that reel you in and hook their muscular claws into you. These guys know how to devour you in sonics, and “Sound” is no exception, with its sultry swagger, carried by an eastern flavour riff and aggressive, sullied sonorities that are drenched with intensely husked vocals.

Moving to the last section of “Kaiserschnitt”, “Autumn Moon” displays a moodier facet to TRANSPORT LEAGUE with a definitive KYUSS bohemian output and clearly on more of the stoner side of the spectrum. The passional energy pulsates through in hazier flecks but with plenty of gumption to move into the groovier tones of “Death Klinik” with its kink of spine-tingling riffs and arousing energy. And those hazier flecks I mentioned earlier? They pump through once more in “Unburden Woes” but with a more distorted strapping output with an enticing combination of Tony’s gruff vocals and powerfully projected growls; it’s a fine slice of filth to round-off an altogether sublime album.

TRANSPORT LEAGUE hit your sweet spot immeasurably, pounding with their sharp riffs and effortless sexiness that runs with visceral appeal through each track. The masterstroke addition of Christian Sture (H.E.A.L) and Sal Abruscato (A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH) within the LP only adds to the sheer pleasure and wholly satisfying experience of “Kaiserschnitt”. TRANSPORT LEAGUE will leave you lusting for more of their inebriating, scrumptious sonics in this latest release.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Atomic
2. Criminal Energy
3. Me the Cursed
4. Nailsober
5. Titty Coma Status
6. Kaiserschnitt
7. March, Kiss, Die
8. Sound
9. Autumn Moon
10. Death Klinik
11. Unburden Woes
Tony Julien Jelencovich - Vocals, Guitar
Peter Hunyadi - Lead guitar
Dennis Osterdal - Bass
Mattias Starander – Drums
Record Label: Mighty Music


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