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Transworld Identity - Seven Worlds Award winner

Transworld Identity
Seven Worlds
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 25 May 2023, 3:54 AM

There are bands that can come with a ‘presentation card album’ that really surprises the hearers. These words mean that there are cases of first releases that allow people to have great expectations on the band’s future due the high level of musical quality that they show. One of these cases is of the Finnish/English quintet TRANSWORLD IDENTITY, because “Seven Worlds” is really impressive! It’s not a sin to say that the combine Hard Rock and Glam Metal under a massive AOR outfit and some modern traits, something that isn’t easy to make; but when is done in the right way, it won’t fail, and it’s their case. The band’s melodies aren’t in an Old School format, but on something that reminds the ‘Finnish DNA’ of bands of the genre, but in a different way, boosted by excellent and creative accessible melodies, remarkable choruses and charming arrangements.

It’s not a recollection of clichés of the genre (what could give the sensation that ‘I heard it before’), but a new form of dealing with the genre’s elements. But nothing less could be expected of a band with experienced musicians with names as HANOI ROCKS, TECHNICAL JUSTICE, BABY GREEN and many more on their shoulders. The production was done in a way that balances almost perfectly the proportions of weight, clarity and distortion. It as well allows the quintet to express their musical ideas in a form that’s extremely easy to the hearers understand. Yes, it’s really an excellent work.

The album is really something that seems to be created by an experienced band, because all the individual talents are used at their best. But for those lazy hearers that loves to protect their tastes of something great (yes, there are people in this way), the best is to get what is offered on songs as “Everything Must Burn” (a hit that mixes between influences of the past with present, and what lovely chorus, and with keyboards and vocals in great shape, indeed), “Play & Pretend” (a song with excellent guitar and keyboards parts, and a feeling that brings to mind some touches of the 80s), “I’m Such a Liar” (a powerful song, again using the mix between modern traits with classic Hard Rock elements, with a massive set of rhythm shifts created bass guitar and drums), “Part Maroon, Part Indigo” (mezzo Hard Rock, mezzo AOR, this song bears many accessible elements, but always rich and tasteful, with hooking guitar riffs and solos), “Time” (the fusion between nasty Hard Rock touches with accessible melodies is really amazing on this song, and what lovely vocals), “Starchild” (a more actual melodic outfit can be heard, and it’s one of most accessible songs of the album, again with charming keyboards and guitar arrangements), “Seven Worlds” (it shows a good balance between melodies that are easy to understand with a remarkable dose of Glam Metal weight, with excellent playing of bass guitar and drums), and… Oh, come on! Don’t be a lazy listener, because “Seven Worlds” is a fine wine: it’s excellent from the first cup to the last drop!

TRANSWORLD IDENTITY is really a great surprise, and to hear a release as “Seven Worlds” is a privilege.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Everything Must Burn
2. Play & Pretend
3. I’m Such a Liar
4. Part Maroon, Part Indigo
5. Time
6. Starchild
7. Seven Worlds
8. In For the Long Haul
9. Livin’ On the Run
10. Never Lost My Faith
11. Roseate
Mila Bosa - Vocals
Mika Lamminsivu - Guitars
Juha Kinnunen - Keyboards
Kasperi Kinnunen - Bass
Lacu Lahtinen - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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