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Traum - Erode

by Tom Colyer at 02 April 2015, 2:34 PM

Instrumental Metal is a delicate dish that can be easily spoiled simply by using the wrong measures of each ingredient or mixing them in poorly.  I have heard many instrumental bands that have failed to hit the mark simply because they thought that instrumental meant “turn the guitar up really loudly and shred some arpeggios over a few modal changes”.  Whilst these kinds of shenanigans may hold swing in Neo-Classical, it's not particularly conducive to creating anything emotive or subtle.

It's these nuances that TRAUM manage to seamlessly blend into their music, weaving them into the kind of quiet heaviness that is always so foreboding.  The Italian trio have snuck their way out from the shadows to bring forth their first album and introduce their name to the world.

The album opens with one of the poorer tracks on offer, which is unusual and at first slightly disheartening.  Maybe it's my computer but the mixing sounds pretty off and one of the guitars is much higher than the rest of the balance.  This doesn't last long however and the second track - “Oceano Antico” plays like a beautiful mixture of KYUSS, GOJIRA and EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY.  The guitar opens up with an almost desolate sound, one that would be as at home in the wastes of the desert as an ocean planet bound for destruction. Everything marries together though and the guitar doesn't just run away and leave everything else in a veil of obscurity.  The drums are well paced and thoughtfully written for the tone of the song.  You can really tell that these guys work well together, every instrument bounces off the last perfectly to create a whole landscape of sound.

The album continues along this line throughout and there are some monster riffs paired off against moments of absolute serenity.  The album is constantly organic and evolving, never staying still long enough to become stagnant or repetitive, this is one of the big pitfalls of a lot of instrumental music out there (especially Post-Rock).

One of the things I love most about any instrumental music is the absence of  vocalist and it is no more apparent than with this band.  A vocalist would only serve to distract from the music being played and whilst that is sometimes a good thing, in this case it would be sacrilege.  If you're the kind of person that would like to sit back and appreciate music for music's sake then this is just the album for you.

4 Star Rating

1. Hefna
2. Oceano Antico
3. Erode
4. Solas Dorcha
5. Dagda
6. Ecate
7. Heavydale
8. Invasori
Alessandro Cavazza - Guitars
Giulio Sangirardi - Guitars
Michael Harding - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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