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Trauma - Archetype Of Chaos

Archetype Of Chaos
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 01 June 2010, 6:06 PM

Polish labels I already know are some of the few labels I eagerly wait for them to release new stuff. Poland has become a major force in the Metal scene, with fine Thrash, Black and Death Metal releases pretty frequently (of course I am not talking about VADER or BEHEMOTH since you already know these guys and what they can do)! The next addition to my Polish extreme Metal collection is a Death Metal band from Elblag, a city in Poland, which is active since 1992, when TRAUMA released its very first demo.

Since then, the Polish death metallers have released six full-length albums (seven including “Archetype Of Chaos”) and have seen members come and go several times. The only remaining member from the band’s first “version” (the band was actually formed in 1988 and called THANATOS but changed its name in 1992) is Mister. “Archetype Of Chaos” is probably the best way to see what these guys are all about so I’ll get straight to the point. Their music is nothing you haven’t heard before, but that of course doesn’t mean TRAUMA is a shitty act. Devoted to the sound of the Polish Death Metal scene, TRAUMA play Death Metal that reminds of bands like SCEPTIC and DIES IRAE. Thrashy riffs with brutal, yet groovy breaks and a voice that comes straight from the pits of hell! The band is also heavily armed with a crushing sound that helps the music a lot, but doesn’t solve the band’s actual problem.

TRAUMA may have the energy in their music, they may have some very interesting ideas, they may also have this sick atmosphere Polish bands have, but they lose many points in the “structure” part. As quickly as I was filled with excitement, the same quickly I was bored since “Archetype Of Chaos” ends up sounding too repetitive. The unfortunate thing is that TRAUMA seem to have all the equipment to do something really good. I guess that their next work will prove that I am right about these guys…

2 Star Rating

  1. Intro (White Architect)
  2. Cortex Deformation
  3. A Dying World
  4. War Machine
  5. The Slime
  6. The Truth Murder
  7. Tabula Rasa
  8. Portrait Of The Lies
  9. Destruction Of The Demented World
Kopec - Vocals
Mister - Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals
Maly - Drums
Record Label: Witching Hour Productions


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